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Fuckyeah! 06/19/2014

Fender TL62 : Fuckyeah!'s user review

" Excluding Standard"

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Guitar Made in Japan, the body is alder 3 pieces maple neck and rosewood fingerboard D 1 piece! 3 tone sunburst very successful. Negative, the red button on the sunburst was not made under the pickguard! :/ ....
I did some modifications: I replaced the bridges by other brass. The original pickups (very correct) were changed by Bare knuckes suggar Brown. In addition I installed a direct output and a device the tone for the 2 pickups in series, it gives me the sound of a humbucker.
I put 7 because of the body 3 pieces, even if the choice of parts is made and the joints are virtually invisible. 7 also because of the lack sunburst under the plate.


Nice handle and end that fits nicely in the hand. Access to acute is not a problem after a little time to adapt (ie this is not a SG). the guitar is not heavy.
Find a sound is simple: three mic positions, an already exeptionnelle versatility base, you can go from jazz, pop, blues, country, rock, fusion and hard rock. You just have to turn the potentiometer extremely responsive tone.
With the mods mentioned above, it allows me to direct output to have a slight boost for solo or have a killswitch (if the flight is zero). With the series connection of two microphones I put one foot in the world of dual and direct output I cruncher any tube amp. (Even a mixing console once: D)


A treat: This guitar has a very clean person, not really a TV even if it follows very clearly. The sound pickup is because of the bridges brass and rosewood fingerboard, less sharp than an original. Nevertheless it retains a characteristic twang a little more discreet.
To fast is a guitar to do everything (except hard core thrash metal symphony)
when it shows its limitations, it is only the sexiest, the guitar vibrates everywhere, the sound of metal easel outlet on hard rock. On Led Zep is magic (besides I play Led Zep exclusively on the TV, my Les Paul is in the cabbage, not enough rough)


I use it for 6 or 7 years, this is my main guitar, I'm not afraid of scratching or otherwise. This is typically THE guitar roots by excellence! When I do not know what I have her and I take after affine with the Stratocaster or Les Paul.
I bought this guitar in a famous shop in Bastille, I tried all the TV store (Baja, Us, even at 2500 €) and then I saw this little last 900 € it seems to me, without even plug, played acoustically, she immediately convinced me of his qualities.
I do it again without hesitation that choice today .... maaaaais now it exists in U.S. ... see.
Super shovel