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elmanouchi 12/02/2013

Ampeg GVT5-110 : elmanouchi's user review

«  Amp work ... luxury! »

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See other reviews. Amp very simple and versatile.
Quality of impeccable craftsmanship. It is heavy (12.9kg) for power. The knobs and switches seem well made.


I bought this amp to work on my game at home with a usable and manageable sound (and beautiful ...) and if possible with the least possible settings, just to focus on my game on the settings. We feel 5W pushing but it is quite manageable in volume .... especially through its HP low efficiency (94dB). Handling trebble and bass knobs are made carefully because the sound changes quickly. The active EQ is a bit confusing at first, but we always ended up finding the sound you are looking for.


Beautiful sounds. A clear fall with a dynamic ever found on current 5W amp sound. Used with a Strat and an Ibanez AF105 archtop ... I clear sound that I want. Originally purchased because my twin is difficult to use at home, even with an attenuator, I found a few qualities that I find the Fender.
The crunch comes high enough volume ... even with the trebble and bass knobs to toc. Also nice crunch.
I plugged it an overdrive Custom Screamer Pro in Techniguitare and distortion Ibanez Tube King. Both pedals going very well ... and what a sound!
I also tried on my 2x12 Twin. So I found the grain of the HP there. The sound was even better with more definition, more accurate bass. This amp is still much room for improvement by chanegement HP and other lamps ... to test.
I would say that this amp is suitable for almost any style.
Those in which I play (rock, progressive, jazz, blues and jazz manouche) is nickel!


- Portability for small rehearsals, beufs between friends.
- Beautiful clean tones and nice crunch
- Accepts pedals well (for the ones I've tried ...) - to do with reverb or other ...
- The truly effective active EQ.

- Possibly no reverb or effects loop like its big brother 15W ... but if we seek simplicity ...
- The HP which can be perfectible ... if we nitpick.
- If anything to say.

This is my amp work everyday and it is really nice to work on his game with this sound! I still can not price this amp ... bought new for € 177 ... it is easily more than double the light of physics and sound quality. No comparison with low-end amps Bugera V5 or type 600 champion .... We are in a different category ... except for the price!