Blackstar Amplification HT-5C

HT-5C, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Blackstar Amplification in the HT-5 series.

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bobo280 09/29/2014

Blackstar Amplification HT-5C : bobo280's user review

«  Avoid at all costs! »

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lamp and transistors and integrated circuits. A dangerous mix!
Power: 5 watts
Basic settings (3tone, 1 volume)


The sound was good at first, until a horrible hum come and disturb.
The hum is present at power filaments! ! !


His oriented "metal", which suited me well, on a strat.
Without too much saturation, rock and countermelodies with "bottleneck" went well.


After less than a month of use, this amp broke down.
The pattern is not found, the lamp power is a rarity unparalleled and the two transistors "drivent" are fragile and not found, and the capacitors that isolate.
Despite my skills (not to brag ... I have 20 years of experience), it is the trash has ended the beast. (150 € to get a speaker!)
I am disgusted! How can we risk the cohabitation of transistors and lamps also taking some precautions perspective isolation (a simple capacitor when slap made damage) and how can we provide materials without pattern?