tyell59 04/27/2012

Bugera V22 : tyell59's user review

" Marshallement excellent ..."

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Value For Money : Excellent
Lamps, etc. ... everything has already been described.
There are still a lot of adjustment, and a dual footswitch.
I appreciate the Master who allows me to play with an interesting grain at low volumes. At that price it's unexpected.

The "Made in China" makes me neither hot nor cold.
I had a Marshall Valvestate "made in England" which knobs have crachouillés after one year, and an Ibanez Valbee "made in Japan" which the op-amp has burnt after two and had to be repaired .

So ...

In addition it is beautiful!


I just looked at the manual for the notion of a triode (11w) / pentode (22w).
the amp is very simple to understand ... although you can get lost looking for tone also, playing between the gain, volume, boost "medium" and the master.

I was looking for a "Marshall"ish sound and I quickly found it!

The "boost" helps giving the osund a  "Fender" touch but since I'm not in a "clean tone" mood I have not studied the matter too.

Maybe later.


it suits a lot of style in my opinion ...

clean sound, a Tele in hand, the boost "on", it countrise easy.
(With a speaker mounted Jensen is better)

a strat 'gain between 1 and 2, Vaughanise we Strokes without difficulty.

The paul a gain to 7, volume 10, according to master the neighborhood, we Slashise fingers in the nose to gain volume at 5 and 6, it is Led zep! gain at 3-4, it's AC / DC (with the possibility to switch from rhythm to solo only playing the guitar volume).

The timbre changes dramatically boost in midrange.
If it is engaged, it affects the channel clear as saturated. And that's unfortunate.
I appreciate the sounds and not too clear on the saturation. But it is a matter of taste.

The amp happily accepts pedals overdrive / saturation, and my multi-effects (with a Boss ME10 tried).

the "flats":
- The reverb of the amp is useful, but it is not overwhelming.
If you decide to use one of your multi-effect, it will not do it on the overdrive channel of the amp which boosts the reverb sent. And it's the same with modulation effects in general. So multi-channel light effect =.

- The eq is + or - according to effective guitar!
with the Strat and Tele sound varies but little, according to the frequency settings. With a more powerful kind guitar ESP settings appear to be more efficient.

- Blue LED footswitch, which enclence reverb, which is more than the laser diode! I had to put three layers of tape and add a good shot marker on it to not be genetic.


well I did that for 15 days.
I had a tight budget and it has no real competitor for the price.

I was looking for a 5w "all tube", so I look at Marshall, Vox, Fender, Orange, Laney, Hughes & Kettnet ...

it's expensive, not always better, especially at low volume disappointing.

For € 50 more there was the Fender Supercontrol XD (made in China - the X2 is made in Mexico and costs 100 € more) which was also very very interesting ... but the hybrid side made me hesitate.

then quality / price ratio: excellent! an amp that plays the 11/22 watts, room and on stage at this price, it's incredible!
Some say that these amps are unreliable and not built to last.
Time will tell. Meanwhile, I'm very happy.