ENGL E365 Sovereign 1x12 Combo
ENGL E365 Sovereign 1x12 Combo
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fan2zakk 11/05/2007

ENGL E365 Sovereign 1x12 Combo : fan2zakk's user review


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All-tube amp (4 6L6GC and 5 12Ax) and construi hand in Germany.
That little combo prs of the head savage
So powerful 100 watt trs (a 2 I cover my drummer!) Hp: the famous V30
2 channels each comprtant two modes (clean / crunch soft, lead / heavy lead)
cannal 1: clean gain, gain crunch, bright switch, 3 band legalization, reverb, clean volume, volume crunch
cannal 2: gain soft, heavy gain, 3 band legalization, reverb, prsence, lead volume
2 master volume (A and B).
PSE plutt it heavy (about 25 Kg)
Full line out
o MIDI Interface port can connect the footswitch or Z 10 midi interface Z7
Fx loop compete (taken send and returns + balance of power that can be used brake: if you push the button near the bottom decreases the power and heat lamps more)
to connect multiple other speakers: 4, 8, 16 ohm mono or Stereo

I put 9 because they do not provide the footswitch with what is a shame because had more unnecessary costs (import)

I forgot to prciser the rear of the amp is semi closed


The manual seems quite complete but it is either in German or English and I spoke only franais!
Any fawn was not much used one manuel.Il just says that we should not throw the amp, make him take the water ... what seems empty.
the legalization is really effective trs which will delight pointilleuw sound, but if we look Revenge sound trs prcis you could spend some time
I put that 9 because they could have made the effort to make a manual in French especially since it is 6 pages!


In that it has become the INTERESTED.
This amp is made to play tout.Les sounds are our wonderful but beware they are trs typs engl
The clean really respect the grain of my guitar (gibson les paul studio) and rvele vraiment.Enfin I feel a HUGE diffrence between the micro and micro acute grave.Avec my old amp (Marshall MG 100 dfx) I did not do diffrence.Pour proof of just the two micro switches can switch between the moelleu (jazz) sound hyper slamming (funk) with good rglage.On has a range of its impressive
The crunch is good trs aussi.Il like (in the rglant good) overdrive a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or vieu marshall.les middle are Submitted
The soft lead is a bit like a marshall JCM 900 high gain stile but with a little less gain.
Finally, the heavy lead is as much a true tuerie.Il see more gain than a mesa but the grain of the sovereign is much thinner than the mesa.le button prsence will really rev away (background sound mga is super loud) and I love that personelemant prsence -2 starts or there is a button to get an edge sonic palette higher in saturated and approaches the extreme mesa.J its' hsite to nine for this reason but personal and the sound is too good to be able to just nine.
In addition, the speaker is really good: it is prcis see in all surgical frquences bass sound wonderfully sharp and not too garish.
This amp is an impressive precision


I bought one month ago and I can tell you that I do not regret my achat.Il may seem a bit expensive but its price and complements reasoned and trs HOnet compared to concurrent other brands.
The sound is really excellent and the amp is a Polivalente unthinkable.
What struck me is the dynamics of the amp rponse. Mexplique I: in fact the more you attack the strings and the amp is clipping (especially in the crunch). The sound is absolutely not compress the game and Fidler guitarist.
I hsit bocoup as a guitarist I think between a mesa and a engl
F 50 m'interaissait the mesa but it is less bocoup Polivalente and respects less the sound of my guitar even though I recognize that the saturated trs are good but not adjustable
engl is more aggressive while the mesa is rounder, warmer
I try brunetti MC but I did not like her at all (in a disto drool too much and we hear nothing of this is to Bafle I think)
J'aussi try marshall JCM 900 and JCM 2000, but they seemed pathetic face sovereign.J 've also try the hot rod deluxe is being done to the blues so limitbr /> I also try at a friend's VHT pitbull ultra lead head (just the name I find the fact lol) and I prfere my amp which is more aggressive.
I hsiter remake without the same choice.
If you have any questions Do not hesitate