ENGL E365 Sovereign 1x12 Combo
ENGL E365 Sovereign 1x12 Combo
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keuch 12/07/2010

ENGL E365 Sovereign 1x12 Combo : keuch's user review

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all-tube amp, 100 watts, 4 channels, effects loop, reverb. It


branch, we play, it sounds after the amp is so versatile it should work a bit to get the sound you have in your ears, but it is possible it is somewhere in the amp ....


I play rock / pop / blues and I like metal too. I play a musicman petrucci, and this amp can do anything !!!!! I played a mesa boogie F30, it lacked a crunch sound and a big metal distortion, here I have them! the purest of light to extreme distortion, this amp is capable of anything. The presence can really change the character of the amp, for a more compressed and "deaf" as on my mesa, or his brutal amps open and very modern.
For now, I love everything about this amp, it is very powerful but it sounds easier than my low volume F30 of 30 watts, so it's usable at home, not a correction.


I did that last week but was pleased to musicians with whom I play, so it's pretty good sign. I traded with my mesa, so I do it again this election although I hesitated a lot before you hear it, because on paper, this powerhouse frightened and I knew not sound too engl. After a few seconds of testing, I was convinced! I invite you to try this type of amp if you do not know, I'm thrilled!