yoTrakkz 11/08/2011

Fender Blues Junior : yoTrakkz's user review

"Makes you sound like a pro"

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I was surprised at how great this Fender Hot Rod Series Amp actually was. I was able to dial in a sound that I liked out of all 16 preamps. The clean and distortion channels all sound great at low and high volumes. This amp is more than loud enough to play over a drummer.


A lot of the presets are even pretty good, but I would definitely recommend spending some time dialing in your own tones because of how versatile this amp is - you can pretty much get any sound you want.


Another thing I like about this amp is that you can plug the amp directly into your computer for recording. The built in tuner is easy to use, but the screen is pretty small so it's a little hard to read. The effects are very good, definitely comparable to what you would get from something like a Boss compact pedal. It is pretty light at 36 pounds, and is very easy to carry around if you're going to a friend's house with it. i would definitely recommend the FBV MKII ($200) to go along with this, it makes it way easier to use, and you pretty much need a pedal if you're going to be playing live though.


I play an Epiphone Les Paul Studio Limited Edition through this one and all of a sudden I'm a rocker (I'm really not, but it sure seems like I am and that is all that is important!) The thing about this amp is that it is fun and because it's not that expensive, you won't be worried about how much you paid. .I recommend this to anyone not just using a Les Paul but to almost any guitar on the market, even a cheap one. The Fender Hot Rod Series amp will make it sound top notch no matter what. Try It!