Fender The Twin
Fender The Twin
omeglass64 10/23/2005

Fender The Twin : omeglass64's user review


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All lamps (11 total)
100W RMS High position and 25 W in low
possibility of removing 2 power tubes for high rduire 60W and 15 W in low (warning: impdance divide by 2)
Loop Between direct power amp
loop level adjustable
HP parallel outputs sup SERIES
1st channel: + treble boost, mid cut +, + bass volume
Channel 2: gain, treble boost +, medium + boost, bass boost +, + notch presence (+ hard), and volume
Channel 3 = combination of two others: the faster the bees saturbr trs /> No master volume
Reverb following selectable channel
only weak point of reverb: all or nothing


SETTING THE folly for having too many choices, but be reassured it sounds all the time!
manual in English even when trs light with proposals for basic config


I play blues rockab + = is what should be.
I have a strato: plain crunch and as saturated as it is attention to the ears and when I connect the VOX Tone Lab directly into the Tagus power the sound is super clear and deep fat hope
Clearly I like to cut the mids, treble and bass 7 6 neck pickup on my strato
In crunch is all saturated in the middle and I just boosts
J'hsite not connect an Ovation Electro and terrible as it sounds


I use it since 1989 and yes we ca not rejuvenated.
35kg weight is a guarantee of solid and stability. Before I had a JCM800 2 body c'tait much worse ...
Its really too powerful even at home mini power (with 2 lamps in less).
For me this amp is part of the top and on occasion it is more affordable than current new but hey I'll sell it!