Fender Deluxe Reverb II
Fender Deluxe Reverb II

Deluxe Reverb II, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Deluxe Amp series.

logan 05/11/2006

Fender Deluxe Reverb II : logan's user review


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Caution It is not that of the above foto!

Here the detailed technical ( http://www.ampwares.com/ffg/deluxe_reverb_II.html )
Deluxe Reverb 2, 1983
Amp 22 watt lamps while
2 lamps 6V6GTA power
3 Preamp 7025
1hp 12 fender
20 kg

2 inputs face: low and high
2 channels
- Clear channel: volume 1 1 1 treble bass. So there is no adjustment for clear sound in mids but that does not interfere at all. Lower bass and treble means strengthening the mediums for this type of amp.
The volume knob is switchable in bright
- Saturated channel: a volume, a gain, a master equa TREB mid bass. it has a setting equalizer per channel.

Button mid saturated channel is switchable to boost medium (mid). It's almost a third channel so it can be felt on the sound!

For a 2 channel and a reverb knob presence

1 output for a speaker of 8 ohms
A line out to record directly to a console
A footswitch input to start the reverb, Like to go to the clean channel saturated
1 input 1 output dedicated to the connection of the spring reverb

We see that this amp fender made in order to restore the original deluxe reverb: all the modern options are included (channel saturated, boost the mids, double equa, connectivity, presence)


The configuration is simpler than a modeling amp.
But the two channels and a half of the boost button and the presence mediums require time to be adjusted properly.

Even if it turns out we get very strong still sound good at low volume. We can play in your room instead of a Vox AC30. But of course, is when the lamps are pushed you can feel the grain appear fender. The EQ is very efficacaces and we have a good sound quickly turning instinctively few buttons.


The clean sound is masterful. The bright switch makes wonder. The equalization responds really well.
It is a crystal clear sound if it (at least with my les paul special), a little dirty. The mediums fart as only amp lights can do.
The more one grows the more natural compression of the sound is musical.

Side boosted channel EQ SETTINGS and combination volume / gain / master offer ample opportunities for her, the slight crunch to saturated (but not without its metal pedals!)
The button responds very well to the presence or écalircir make the sound more present.

As against that of the reverb is very sensitive, the effect is not progressive. Attention to the tact not to drown in all this reverb. This is a reverb to the previous spring, that resonates long. I confess to being a little disappointed with this one. I think another reverb plug on it because the connection allows me


I use it since 2004
It's a versatile amp despite its reputation
The reverb was disappointed. For example, the reverb of the hot rod deluxe seemed better
This is an amp that is connected to the pedals regia. Combined with a Sansamp palette of sounds is huge.
The overdrive sound is not bad but probably prefer there be a good pedal, and the channel will be used for saturated crunch or clean sounds a little boosted
I got it for € 650 the price of a hot rod!

This is an amp that is used mainly for clear sound all the same.
Obviously I do it again this choice.