Fender Excelsior
Fender Excelsior
BYSQ 08/19/2012

Fender Excelsior : BYSQ's user review


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13 watts all tube amp made in china. two 12AX7 preamp tubes, two Chinese; 6V6 power amp tubes.; preamp and amplifier are staged separately connected a hp 15''. upstairs in power by 6.35 mm jack which allows you to attach to a separate cabinet
it has one volume control, a tremolo control.& bright and dark tone switch control inputs for guitar and accordion microphone
this amp is its configuration and its a real architecture auberge espagnole it makes it easy to change the configuration of hp from 15'' to 12''
and serve as a test platform has all of his handyman planette indeed there is much free space to give you free rein to your imagination
an example would be to change the output transformer.
we just regret the absence of a standby


The configuration is simple ulta
knob has 4 a strat or a tele in the guitar input with dual it is better to go through the microphone input sound which is warm and clear and brilliant.& tremolo is very effective and it is wild if desired.
lowering the volume you can play the intro to satisfaction by the stones without using a fuzz pedal. the output transformer is undersized & saturates quickly which is what gives it its charm.
the manual is superfluous since the config is simple.


this amp is suitable for my style of music rock blues
it has been used with a fender strat, Tele, gibson les paul, sg, mélody maker & the paul
has 4 sound is wild but this is beyond the definitive fuzz
I prefer to change the sound & volume by playing with the guitar's volume knob can deal with the amp


I use it for 1 week
I tried other amps before making this choice
I regret the absence of a knob tone control and a standby switch
I regret that the fender isn't stereo would have been more interesting
I regret not having bought earlier the retail price was 250 to 300 euro