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Fender Excelsior
Fender Excelsior
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Bald Man Bald Man


Publié le 06/15/13 à 16:51
100% amp lamps. 13 watt class a / b.
HP 15 inches.
3 inputs, integrated tremolo.

The rest of the information is already given.


Config. simple?? Uh ... you plug it sounds! The manual is in the plastic bag ... not open!

It's like cash beast!


Jouany blues edgy, I'm only on vox (ac4 and AC50) forever. Who want stereo output Nova System, I tried some combos (Ampeg, Blackstar, Super Champ XD and even a Bugera!), And given the tight budget and want to have a simple trick AC4, I set my heart on this thing which is already laugh the whole group (Yeah! It is beautiful your radio! Or Wow, you came with your hard eats!). Y z'ont least laughed once connected!

It is clear that this is not a Triple Rectifier or a Matchless but it costs the price of the wheels of these brands here! It sounds clear, powerful enough to play at home and repe. Live, picked up by a 906, it sounds his mom. It's not so much wrong, there should be a drive or distortion. before.

I just used a TS808 ageless, a Jekyll Hyde 2, a OD1 ... in any case, it sounds! I attacked with my Melo, a Tele Custom and Road Worn, it sounds. A stratovolcano, it sounds. With an Epiphone Del Rey (Bill Lawrence humbuckers) and a Gibson SG .... I think it sounds less. This leads me to say that it is really friendly single coils.

The tremolo is delightfully surfing, sole control is quite progressive and always musical.

Clarification: there is no effects loop, there is no standby (! I installed), there is no reverb, there is only a channel!


If you are looking for a cheap tube amp to play blues, country, 50's rock, it's a choice to take seriously. To play heavy metal grindcore dark massacre go your way!

Kind of amp that accurately conveys what you get it ... So, a rotten rotten shovel and pedals connected together by cables rotten, rotten ... you sound! Fender often ruthless as elsewhere (in models with lights ... do not confuse apples and washcloths).

I am at your disposal for you spin all the pipes I could get about this amp (Std By install, mods switch dark / bright, crunch channel ... etc).
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