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Fender Greta
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«  Impeccable and retro! »

Publié le 11/08/13 à 15:31
All lamp
2 Watt
12AX7 pre-amp
12AT7 power
HP 10 cm or 4 inch
Connection 6.35 minimum 8 Ohm cab outside
mini jack input in the CD, Mp3 ...
6.35 Output line for the front console or attack another amp

1 volume knob
1 knob low-high
1 saw analog meter needle to measure the rate-distortion


The configuration is it simple?
Simpler you die!

Gets it easy to sound good?
Everything is good in the pig!


I was looking for a small amp for my home studio apartment or I record book models and final plans for the post-cast TV.

I found the slap and clear sound with Fender, the crunch of a field that heats and minds of saturation of a full blackface vibration.

I use it mainly with Strato CBS in 1976, but the OCCAZ I go as my Gibson ES 135, my mahogany Tele Fender custom shop, or my Brian MAY signature.


How long have you use it?

1 week
Have you tried many other models before buying it?

I hesitate with the Yamaha THR 10 C, the Ampeg GVT5-110, the Blackstar HT-1 Combo
Greta is that to my attention!

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
The typical Fender sound, low power ideal for playing and recording in a home studio, all the pedals go over great!
Several possible use the original HP 10 cm, but it can also plug into a Marshall 4X12, or use it as a pedal and attack another amp in front (sound is obtained at the Larry Carlton Robben Ford ), or simply expand its I-pod with his grandfather to lamp ...
Too bad no use with batteries so I can not take it in the woods!
It's more fun to play with a reverb pedal style of ALL OF FAME TC electronic

This is for me a sacred ideal complement its for my guitars Register (Greta becomes a serious alternative to my vox Tonelab and HD 500 and my 25 W Bogner pod)

How would you rate the quality / price?
quality / price ratio 10 10 /
Product by Fender all-tube group for 129 Euros!
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