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Fender Greta
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clapton8344 clapton8344

«  Good little beast »

Publié le 02/07/14 à 05:08
Part impeccable amp for what we asked him to do (background and plays the guitar volume knob. HP is too small, gives a very average sound, and this is why Fender had proposed a red baffle . But find it now? ...?
Why do not they stand regardless of color ...! I'm interested ...!


Plug and play .... one branch, we light (zero volume) tone background, the guitar knob and roll Poupoule ....


With my Strat Replica left Rory Gallagher made by bibi (Bare knuckle pickups Irih turn 74) (see my home page under the title above), my Telecaster Made in Japan, no worries, it sounds clear and the volume knob guitar Crunch . With humbuckers, it must lower the amp volume a little.


Well I fell for this Greta. HP does not stand up but I did not have the finances to buy the red baffle found today. More ... the baffle my combo Orange Tiny Terror English (Celestion Vintage 30 but anniversairy) is a delight. Knobs thoroughly and plays on the guitar volume. another world ...! Different from my Pignose or Marshall JCM 900 to work ... happiness. I bought a Champion 600, I restored to one family member after 2days. (Breath too despite a good earth) and some versatility in the choice of sounds.
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