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Fender Greta
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ricoute ricoute
Publié le 11/26/13 à 13:10
2 full lamps w 2w hp 4 'within non of this all was said &


Simple config option to set preamp or power amp

Sound with tiny hp is giving away a satisfactory report as a response very very limited frequency, making only passing a small gulp sound

The grain is not bad, but a LOW any grain and a very vibrant INADEQUATE the seu lATTRAIT Push the volume at least 12 o'clock position to begin to see sanimer, but this is too PPAS feasible even in apartment .

The optimum is reached in 14h position, but it is not muted, or at the level of normal conversation so do not take this amp for use dsicrete apart, it is not suitable

1 tone that élcaircit obscursit or sound that is all


rendering is old school / blues / rock with a vintage look good medium between a warm and a keen musical crunch rather it goes well, a bit fatty but not enough bass to suggest to that!

Tried with a classic player the sound is good in terms of volume, below 12.00 although we incisive play, there is not much satisfactory.

As ds samples, the process of going back over a preamp level or better connected to an external cab makes it very attractive, but what interest with respect to its size measured?

The sounds are good that from 12h and 14h best from the point position is

But a transistor amp below 24:00 is better quality e nterme dynamic and rich sounds largest hp mini 8 '

PAs possible effects


I tried the framework ds ds 2:00 mag

Unlike other materials, we quickly toured minimalist possibilities, but connections in / out good thoughts and écolutives

I tried the fender 600 or Gretch G5222 (so nclone), the bcp is made richer and more dynamic even if one can not speak of a sound more 50's & 60's but more musical and bcp corpulant but two high inputs ( gloss) and low normal) gives qq opportunities even if the low position was by no means inferior duller compared

R / q / p mesemble overvalued, even if i aesthetically nice ballast, it was 180 € bcp too expensive, and the 600 is much better, now we seem to find it in 129, it's better, without being given but it does not remove the objections above!

I did not buy then at the sight of samples I was totally captivated, and I think we can legitimately be initially ds and certainly less time after the excitement of starting and testing dissuaded me on

IF I had to take sth, I liked the 600 but a little more minimalist, unless you have a set of pedal and use it with, but I wanted sth simple and versatile hegemonically alone, his only thing good basic musicality far superior to all Roland Cube amp modeling / vox vvx / Orange crush
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