Hohner Orgaphon 41 MH
Hohner Orgaphon 41 MH

Orgaphon 41 MH, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Hohner.

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saucisson 10/17/2011

Hohner Orgaphon 41 MH : saucisson's user review

«  The perfect amp »

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All-tube amp built in 1963 (to be verified), 40 watts I think, two 10 inch alnico beautiful reverb and vibrato tube. quite heavy, but two metal handles well and smashing sound is there.
In terms of connecting multiple inputs (accordion, keyboard and bass including !!!!) and multiple outputs. The lamps are a little hard to find and most expensive, I have to revise my own but I expect to have the finances because ecc808 it does not run the streets but it is more beautiful than the 12AX7.


It's very simple, each input volume bass treble and after adding a little reverb or vibrato according to his taste.


This amp is perfect, clear sound excellent but not lens or cold as a fender, there is more grain. With half a box or a quarter of his body is going to the jazz rock 'n' roll. To saturate you still have to push the volume thoroughly. The reverb is deeper than fender hot rod and vibrato I know it not work and never worked since I bought it. (To review)


For two years I own this amp. I have other vintage amps, Klemt, Stevens, Dynacord, Gem, but I think it's my favorite. On top is a guitar, a bass is not great but on a keyboard with the reverb you get stuff with a grain of crazy amazing! Rare to find but if you find one go for it, they are indestructible.