Ibanez TSA15 Combo
Ibanez TSA15 Combo

TSA15 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Ibanez in the TSA series.

guilbertvince@mail.pf 03/03/2014

Ibanez TSA15 Combo : guilbertvince@mail.pf's user review

«  An amp that makes you want to say ... Hmm ... JTM. »

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Ibanez amp 15 watts all tube single channel, the former comprising:
- Switch to switch to 5 watts
- Celestion 12 inch
- Circuit Tubescreamer integrate activated, as if it were a foot apart.
- Boost +6 db activated
- Effects Loop for integration between Tubescreamer pedals and preamp.
- Plethora of speaker outputs on the back
- The reliability Ibanez
- A very measured weight
- The mouth of hell!!
To make the celebration complete, it would have in my opinion a DI output. Too bad, but you can buy in the shops so excellent .... No problem.


Paradoxically, it is the perfect amp if you are a "pedalgeek" is that you use a lot of pedals.
The amp itself is designed in a spirit Fender, but with a slightly less "Bright", which is more velvety ears hurt less at high volume. I find it best. Design around 6V6 lamp is that the sound is still wrong not to own volume max.
The Tubescreamer a great sound for blues vintage, close your eyes and you can feel a shiver run down his back. It is warm and dynamic. Yet it is a transistor circuit ts, but must admit that it sounds much better than many of Crunch channel lamp.
With at max gain, then we enter the world of Led Zep and early AC / DC with a kind JTM45. Perfect for the vintage hard rock and heavy blues, but its use does not stop ...
With an effects loop smartly placed between the preamp and Tubescreamer lamp, you can use the tsa as a boost, and there friends, it's the same brother who is the school! Depending on the pedal or preamp that you place in this loop, you'll be able to go touch all styles, the same metal.
Personally, I started a clone of Big Muff Russian ... I no more nor less than the sound of the black keys!! In clear, Crunch and saturation. (The big muff mixture boosted by a TS9 is just overkill and enjoyable).
With my Bogner Ecstasy red, then I approach a high gain kind Diezel VH4 (For the Tool for instance).


As I said earlier, this amp has the personality you give him offering him a pedalboard quality.
Then on the amp itself, it can only praise its sounds delicious bases respect your guitars (Gibson SG for me).
The sound is very light and Fenderien on the clean channel, a little softer. When the Ts is switched on, it approaches a JTM45. Therefore has a small vintage coloration of mediums, more exquisite.
I've had other tube amps (Marshall, Fender, ..) and none had ever given me much pleasure, yet it is one of the cheapest.


You guessed it, I love this amp. It to her, it is scalable, it is convenient, all-terrain and reliable. Some would say ... "Yes Ibanez, it is no dream." I simply tell them that I agree, but in the meantime a "Retro King" appears spontaneously in my opinion, this amp gives me complete satisfaction and musically, I go where I want with, always with his magic while it for less than 400euros. That gives the opportunity to have fun on some pedals shops.
PS: I put 9 because if perfection existed, it would:
A DI box output as the majority of small amps of time
Setup of a medium as the version 30W
A reverb and tremolo as the fender and vox
A second effect between the preamp and power amp loop
May be a version 2?