Koch Multitone II 100
Koch Multitone II 100

Multitone II 100, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Koch in the Multitone series.

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Anahata 07/29/2014

Koch Multitone II 100 : Anahata's user review

« complete and ultra sounds terriblemement! »

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amplification and preamp: all lamps. Lamps amplification stage are EL 34 siemens NOS (New Old Stock armies of the east) ie the rolls lamps, some even compare to the famous Mullard. I have two lamps retube amplification last week and so I contacted the dealer who confirmed that these lamps were admittedly a bit expensive (170 pair) but the manufacturer took the option to in his amps ultra efficient lamps from the outset to achieve very good sound from purchase, proof of the attention given to the manufacture of these amps (same for the rest of the components!)
But the mindset Koch does not stop there, the wiring lamps allows to change lamps in pairs and so do not have to change all four lights at once (to avoid having to expensive at a retube). The bias are intended to be set in pairs.

connection: an incredible range of possibilities and connections that work! Personally, I love the ability to put effects loops in series AND parallel (reverbs, delays ...). It has a direct output with speaker simulation for recording or to enter a console live without cutting HP: Royal and without distorting the sound of the amp.
Ability to add HP (but 50 or 100W lamps I do not use it)
A super comfortable detail: two inputs for single coil or humbucker for (dig a little mediums): ideal for those who have a favorite strat, gibson a shot and as for the rest, it works really well!
Reverb (accutronic spring) is very respectable and it is easily disconnectable (RCA) for those who like me insert a unit of effect.

Power output: 50W and 100W in triode and pentode with a switch on the rear panel. I used 50W sound suits me better (roots) but tests 100W is equally compelling for a slightly more modern game. Anyway, the sound is great in both cases. (See "Tones")

settings: a highly effective and very fine equations per channel (clean / crunch and saturated), see chapter "sounds". A volume control for each channel and separate drive. A mix knob reverb or effects loop very end, a speaker damping three positions according to the places where we play and the icing on the cake, two volumes of output (rhythm or solo) switchable by footswitch. complete and ultra comfort!
Each channel is selectable by footswitch (5 switches), which also provides the ability to cut or reverb (or effect loops) + selection of rhythm or solo volume. The pedal is super tough with a cable about five or six meters.


Configuration very simple and complete: everything is accessible.
Manual: very simple and sufficient: it is the end of this manual are examples of settings for different sounds very informative.
Obtaining her: one branch and it sounds! For the purists, we can refine its settings easily and without spending hours.


musical styles: wide spectrum of sounds. May not necessarily be suited to the hard core but it is not his vocation. Against by the aptly named "chameleon" provides a multitude of sounds from its settings and its possibilities.

Types of sounds Achieved: équas are very effective on both channels, you can spend a very round jazz big sound heavy on the saturated through crystal clear sounds funcky to wish or greasy crunch for blues. This amp is a factory sounds good!
Systematically attack the top, the receiver reacts perfectly to the nuances, the sound of each guitar is guaranteed. A fun game at every moment, bossa novas on fingers or large, heavy riffs.

Guitars used: U.S. strat pickups with van zandt, gibson nighthawk, Ibanez S series with microphones dimarzzio. Each is followed by mutitone, it is possible to play almost all styles ...

Favorite sounds: hard to make a choice ....


Used then 2009 not ready to change ...

Other models tested: when buying, I wanted to point me to the mesa boogie. They lack the typical versatility multitone II and especially the price / quality ratio is not the same. In any case, it largely supports comparison and leaves the head at a lower price.

It is obvious that I would do this choice after almost six years in the company of this amp. the quality is impeccable, everything is mounted by hand in Holland, again, versatility is outstanding and the sound is excellent for a budget after all affordable.
pity they do produce more!
The only downside is its weight micro (40kg. ..) but this is not a bass amp either https://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif

10/10 for all, without hesitation but it is only subjective!