Koch Twintone II
Koch Twintone II

Twintone II, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Koch in the Twintone series.

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sade 07/15/2008

Koch Twintone II : sade's user review


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Everything is dj said.
The connection is complte.
I like the lack of least SETTING THE loop which is the common rverb. Equip a DI and a power soak (rducteur power: to record silently, you can unplug the hp safe). Headphone output.
Trs well built.


The sound is generally good without seeking trs rglage complicated. Good dynamic.
EQ fine.Le effective gain is also progressive. The clean has more gain than my Twin, giving her a little more "pais". Trs quiet amp, no breath.
29/04/2007: essay by plugging it directly into my mixing desk and my pc: thundering, I am more surprised qu'agrablement! It works superbly. What will I do with my Tonelab ?....


A bet on initem previous ones opinion: NO, clear sound does not compete with Fender and did not see anything. Take the Hot Rod for Fender REFERENCE sound is a huge mistake, because this amp, though trs sold, for me, poor Fender.
The Twintone does not have the same depth or the "lens". Warm, dynamic lgrement mdium and more "right" than Fender, due 6L6 EL34 in place, but much better than F50 Msa.
The overdrive channel has a crunch of excellent workmanship, trs progressif.Avec the boost, you get sound very modern. The saturation is excellent and a precision redoutable.Il not "drool" not serious still is the trsdfinies.Le rsolument modern trs present with a grain "serrquot;.
The rverbe is correct (at least compared to the large Twin).


Trs good amp, good sound possdant compact, versatile, well built.
An own personality.
I confirm the great diffrence clear sound with my Fender Twin Amp, but remains high qualit.Chaud and dynamic.
The overdrive channel is a rgal. Prcis really like her. Diezel comparable, and cheaper.
Excellent product, we are at the top of the gamme.Comparable MODELS amricains 1000 euros more expensive.
Edit the 07/2008: used intensively (concerts, studio) for a year, no worries and declare it Always this beautiful sound.