Marshall 4010 JCM800 [1981-1989]
Marshall 4010 JCM800 [1981-1989]

4010 JCM800 [1981-1989], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JCM800 series.

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danilaur 04/25/2013

Marshall 4010 JCM800 [1981-1989] : danilaur's user review

«  It always amaze me! »

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50W tube amp.
I understood that there was quite a guitarist who used back on stage.
It is certainly a 50W lamp but so powerful


The sound is great especially after having allowed to heat for a good half hour.
Whenever it plays I am surprised with the quality of sound. clear and saturates


I play all styles above. Rock, Hard rock, funk.
The sound is typical saturates the JCM800 preamp with rule 3/4 saturation is beautiful and critalline, bubbles, but not too much. No effect that I tried to date happens to reproduce this saturation.
The sound is clear and slamming wish for funk rhythm.


I have since 1988.
I na'i not try many amps, but because the one is perfect I have not seen the usefulness me to try another.

The + is ca Simplicie use and time adjustment / sound quality report.
There are only very few pots, preamp, volume, bass, mid, treble, presence, and two entrees
Low and High.

The - is that to go from one channel to another (light saturated) must unplug the jack and plug it into the desired entry.