Marshall 4010 JCM800 [1981-1989]
Marshall 4010 JCM800 [1981-1989]

4010 JCM800 [1981-1989], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JCM800 series.

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13vert 10/11/2008

Marshall 4010 JCM800 [1981-1989] : 13vert's user review


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All lamps 50W, 50W and big watts
Lamps of Origin: 3 ECC83 preamp and 2 EL34 in power
Hp: Rola Celestion G12-65 for older G12M70 for Newest.

Single channel amp with two inputs: a LOW (Clean) and HIGH (crunch)
Two parallel hp output, impedance selector (4-8-16 Ohm)
Level settings: preamp volume and master volume, three band eq (treble, middle, bass) + presence
No effects, no effects loop (-> Other series have jcm 800)


Super simple setup and use.
You branch and you got the sound ... but the type of guitar greatly affects the sound (I have a Squier Start which sounds great but with a les paul or sg sound will be much better because the amp has restored 100% the sound of your scratch)
No need for manual ...


The clean (low) with a good crunch when it is cranked. It's not a Fender but not buy a Marshall for clean sound in general.

The crunch channel (high) bin is nothing to say ...
Marshall is the sound, basically it's huge ...
Clean background has been pushed Hendrix
The high was AC / DC ...
At the same time the JCM800 series is the same circuits as the plexi, but its level is more "hard", more saturation, but the sound is very similar.
Think ay take it easy especially with the treble presence.

Given that no effect is not a very versatile amp. He has his sound. Following is an excellent base sound but good for me not need its sound effects serious ...

For now I play with at home but that limit: 2 on master after the neighbors are not happy ...


I use it for a week. This is my first tube amp and I regret my old Jim Harley BX-30 ... anyway ... the sound of the lamps
For € 500 its a great amp, I love the grain, I would definitely do it again this election.