Peavey 6505+ 112
Peavey 6505+ 112

6505+ 112, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the 6505 series.

bniklazz 02/15/2013

Peavey 6505+ 112 : bniklazz's user review

«  The heavy artillery »

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We have a high gain tube amp with 5 12AX7 preamp and 2 6L6GC in power.
The beast 30 kg delivers 60W of 1 hp 12-inch Sheffield.
2-channel amp with a boost for clean crunch, which is 3.
In facade there are 2 3-band EQ, two presence controls (brightness) and resonance (such basses) and 1 pre-gain, post gain one for each channel.
Is also a reverb, a jack, a button on / off and one standby.
Behind it in the effects loop, XLR output, a footswitch input, selector independence to connect a external speaker.
The box is closed.
This gives a better vraissemblablement difusion sound.
Finally, the included footswitch to switch between channel 1/2 or channel 1/crunch or even crunch / 2


Configuration may seem complex and it takes a minimum of time to understand the reaction of the beast.
To start we put everything at noon (except post gain ...) then you play bass, mids and trebbles.
Then you touch the presence and resonnance to add bright and depth to the sound.
Then suddenly you touch to the original settings ...
eventually you play harder, so you push the post gain.
Then suddenly it all editing the settings ...
It is very versatile, but it's good to have a great possibility to settings, especially as each knob is very responsive. You put the acute, bah for once you're in, same for the bass and midrange suddenly must know how to balance.
This amp is really responsive and respect vraiement guitars used.
A small flat for the effects loop knob lacks intensity.


While the channel is a clear channel false, namely that it is impossible to have a clean clean.
Even clear he wants to send the distortion!
The sound is straight and dry, I added a pretty over delay otherwise you end up with clean to Metallica And Justice for All. It is better to play the guitar volume knob to round out the sound.
Crunch switched on the first channel, and you hit on a good blues rock record. We play with the pre-gain crunch to overdrive or have a beginning to send the steak. Peavey found the key, ok it's not a classic 30 but is in the same family.
It's nasty acid still see, know scaffold dose adjustments.
Channel 2 ... this amp is made for it, it's high-gain adds a tube screamer and then you bury the world (how it is sold already?).
It's heavy, you cut a little medium you force the bass and treble you loose the resonance branch you shovel active micro ... Machine Head, SOD, Black Veil Bride ...
It is powerful, full spit lamps death, are heavy palm muting out all harmonics only.
You softened your settings, you add the mediums you take a guitar humbucker passive pickup ... Sending you good Hard to Van Halen ... A BEH yours! Weird?
Necessarily sending you You really got me and you that's typical, loud, powerful.
And if you drop significant way you gain mastery a large easy to measure distortion for a more extended.


I've had 3 months.
I wanted a high gain amp for its modern, powerful and metal.
I got what I wanted to see more. Because you can type easily without complex blues rock.
I love his personality it needed.
For 300 € occas I pass on some imperfections (made in china).
I think installing wheels because it is heavy monster!
And then the light logo ... the gadget is good but I like it, it's class.