Peavey Delta Blues 115
Peavey Delta Blues 115

Delta Blues 115, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the Classic series.

Hotfirecaster 10/06/2005

Peavey Delta Blues 115 : Hotfirecaster's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
30 watt tube amp, for no lamp against grinding. 2 channels, one clean and one lead, reverb, and tremolo. In addition, the HP is 15 inches. In summary a slightly different version of CLASSIC 30 of the same brand. In addition there is a specific entry for the effects. Please note the buttons are on top, which can be a bit difficult because the buttons on the front are much more accessible and readable.


Setup is super simple, at the sound I love the clean channel and thanks to the HP 15-inch clean sounds are beautiful. The manual is clear and the sounds are varied. FYI I sold my Fender Blues Jr for this big beast too little known to me.


The sounds I like knowing that I had really a budget constraint and I could not afford an amp too expensive ... I connect over a Telecaster, a Danelectro U56, a Gretsch Anniversary and also a Toronado and I confess that I do use the clean channel, and prefers to plug my vintage TS 808 on that channel instead of using the lead channel.
The clean sounds are super nice. Crunchy Bluesy sounds too (It would be bad for an amp with a name like that ...). I find this amp much better and more versatile than my little Fender Blues JR previous one. HOWEVER, I bought the amp new and reverb (not as good as the Fender) fell in the road after 5 minutes ... If not before and after repair of the reverb, after turning off the beast a residual noise was sometimes strident enrendre when I took care to put the volume knobs to zero ... but the noise has now disappeared?!
Older models without revealing the lamps to protect what has been seen since now they are under a grill that protects them effectively.


I have the beast for 3 months and I like it very good value for money, for it is against careful not planned to play at low volume. So if it is to play apart forget or choose a volume pedal you plug in the entrance effect.
For my part I do it again this purchase despite the small damage early as a good amp and more amps with an HP 15 "do not run the streets at this price level.