Peavey Delta Blues 115
Peavey Delta Blues 115

Delta Blues 115, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the Classic series.

sdehais 04/29/2004

Peavey Delta Blues 115 : sdehais's user review


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I speak of the 115 version!
We start with three 12AX7 tubes and four in El pramp 84 or 6BQ5 power lamps is the cheapest in the market and so much the better!

A BMOL protection lamps at the rear non-existent, for Premire ... I carry all before I was careful, and I will now be forced to change my lamps because they are too old! So no worries for your lights!
the adjustment knobs are vintage style handle is very soft and very precise:
between a jack with a switch that provides either a clear channel with rglage volume and channel rglage saturated with gain and volume too! A reverb and tremolo has a spring stop adjustable speed and gain.
ext hp output in 16 ohms output effects loop.
attention to weight trans cover long distances quickly becomes trs heavy but he has a good grip!


This peavey sounds like I love them! mouai it's repeated but it's true!

Grip super easy: a clean channel and a channel Fully saturated both indpendants.

there is not much to look to make it sound great, in the manual, it explains how the rgler according to the sounds that you seek but you'll see that no, you will find trs fast!

The manual is clear and short enough. Must say that compared to a marshal, there's three times less buttons and that's good! Submitted enough people!


The sound is clear trs net, I could compare her little ERRF, the C30 and its direct competitor: 30W Fender Deluxe ... Ba and there's no photo, Delta blues is by far the best: the sound is clear and trs with my strat's a rgal! I play a bit of funk: the sound "pete" Fawn trs net! I play the picking and the sound is rich trs, even in the low, hot and trs. It should be all done if vou spass of an electro-acoustic lctrique ... That's what I did I even ...

Ct its saturated you can choose between a saturation lgre dlicieuse or sound very fat: No doubt, there is plien the blues!! Be careful, do not expect to play metal, you'll rev it! But for people Polivalente, I recommend buying a pdalier numrique: I GNX2. It's perfect for the blues to metal through the pop and funky!

We must say thank you to 15 inches! I had the aoccasion to compare other amps ... ct qualitprix report can not be beat! I even made it play my bass in a BPS is silent all impressed even the bass player could not believe her ears!

Ct power, even if you play with friends "bcherons," you'll hear no worries!

But, yes there is a "but" because there's always ... The clear sound trs high volume, and I emphasize "trs" loses some of its sharpness ... But to hear it should be in the eye and quite prs: all tell you that you quickly become dull! But becomes impeceptible in condition "Live", and recording condition, as it plays so loud, does not pose a concern because there is the sharpness! And now I cry o that, I lamps origins: 4 years CSPR, concerts ... So suvre with beautiful lamps brand new!


So I have this amp for 4 years and I had no problems with ... And yet I emmne Despite its weight around! Even in the studio I rptition ammne with me ... I have a little tired of marshall (DSOL for Fan, but there's no comparison ...) and especially when you play it on a habitu 15pouces, it's hard to play on smaller ... APRS must play at least on the 212!

In this price range and quality is by far the best as I said prcdemment! APRS you need a much bigger wallet to rise above 1500 euros! FYI I bought the era 645 (4300frs) vau Tplus it now but it's worth it if your budget! (Or used, but it is difficult to find and for good reason: when something is we do not lche so easily!)

If you find an amplifier compatible with many sounds, you just found it then! Just buy yourself an APRS pdalier numrique (digitech: GNX2 is very well!) And you can play on a Mesa Dual Rectifier and a Marshall JCM900 and then .... and the list goes on with modlisation amp!

If you look a little more power in open air concert, a cabinet 112 or 212 you more than enough! Besides, this will be my next purchase! A firm such as MESA!