Rivera Chubster 40 combo
Rivera Chubster 40 combo

Chubster 40 combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Rivera.

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bloodsugar 01/04/2005

Rivera Chubster 40 combo : bloodsugar's user review


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Combo small all-tube 30W (5 x 12AX7 preamp and 2 EL34 in power)
For CHARACTERISTICS Retailer See leaflet here http://www.rivera.com/R-SeriesV1.0.pdf

- 2 fully indpendants preamp (channel 2: from clean to crunch fawn fender, a canal: the crunch of distortion marshall fawn)
- Gain, EQUAL active master on each channel
- Boost on each channel. 1 medium "notch" and treble "bright" on the clean channel.
- A reverb (Accutronics) and a global presence in

for the connection:
- 2 inputs (high and low)
- 1 HP 8-16 ohm output (the loudspeaker is connected to this output to an external speaker, it will happen so it will take the HP internal dconnecter)
- Owner 'a decision (like twelve o'clock pin 7) for the 3 footswitch functions provided (channel select, boost channel 1, channel 2 boost)
- 1 SERIES FFECT loop (preamp out, power amp in)
- 1 output "recording" (not tested yet)

- The construction of the housing is provided in multiple Saddle
- All is covered with a burgundy vinyl Tolex and a grid of flexible HP color "blonde"
- Cornire mtal
- The rear (open in back) is very well being protected (HP lamp)
- All connectors and knobs are recessed (if you plug your scratched with a jack sews no risk of messing up the front or rear connections when switching the amp)
- The finish is super classy, ​​everything is hand assembled, California, firm & patiently. You can see and feel. Nothing moves, nothing Exceeds is class!

CHARACTERISTICS for all these, I put 9 / 10
(I probably put 10 if one switch per channel was allowed to affect or not the loop FFECT)


This amp are relatively simple (it is a receiver at the same time, not a simile with multiple menus, etc ...) -> Some knobs, turn and listen when we like to, we play

Srieuseument, use is simple, however, the functions are large (boost per channel, notch and bright on the clean channel) ... The EQUAL really ffective, so there is plenty of sonic possibilities with the machine. Take your time and read the manual to know what each function and on its rle.

The manual (English only) trs is clear. He Submitted functions of the amp, some examples of "sounds" typical and classic trooble shooting (the 4 / 5 are example of his inspiration and useful trs CRER our own sounds)


The sounds:
Describes as in point 1) CHARACTERISTICS, this amp has really indpendants both channels (gain, 3-band master EQUAL per channel).

The channel 2 is oriented "tweed" (or fender). There are sounds from clean to clean up the overdrive. Sublime with single coil. Velvety or rough with humbucker. In short, all the sounds clean / crunch / overdrive jazz / blues / rock here.
In this channel, there are really two voicings (with the current off bright and notch it and the vintage is bright and notch off) Obviously these voicings to apply cleans like to crunch.

The channel 1 is when he overdrive and distortion East Fawn "British" (or Marshall). Less rglages on this channel (not bright and the other notch) but all the same a pannel of impressive drives. Remember, the equa really work (active), so their action is really audible. In digging the mdium we reached enough distortion mtal with humbucker, harmonics abound (which are not extreme distortion, but it's even good couillu) course by lowering the drive and flattening the qual, there are sounds of ACDC and other overdrives 70'es.

Brief happy for me who was looking exactly these two sounds in a same amp.
- A clean-crunch rpondant marvel at the sound of mdiators.
- A distortion trs british marshall fawn.

The reverb is nice when it trs. Very long (and no "blop" attacks on down)
A knob of "prsence" global (on the power amp) allows a final refining the sound.
Is complete, the sound quality is. Anything.

A word about "boost" by channel.
The boost in the clean channel increases the volume while providing the crunch.
The boost the drive channel increases above the gain, not so much the volume.
Both are useful trs. The fact that they provide switchable four sounds at the base.


That's all rcent. I have since about 1 week.
I had the opportunity to test it with single coil and humbucker guitars. In seeking this amp, I had the opportunity to test another amp lamps (Engl, Fender Hotrod, Peavey Classic, Hashdown ...) No one convinced me. When the sounds taient l CHARACTERISTICS pchaient (clean and crunch or distortion and clean, but rarely the possibility of a crunch and distortion) or when only one Equal, etc ... etc ...

In short, for now I am conquered. It's an investment, but it really comes in the CATEGORY of high-end amp (its quality, construction, finish).
J'espre service that will make me as long as my old amp is say 10 years (I had a marshall 8040)

I wait a few weeks / months to notice complter (high-volume test, test out recording, test with more guitars)
for the moment 9 / 10
- Edition 2005 01 04 -

I have been with my jou Epiphone Les Paul (in custo Duncan SH-4 / SH-2) and my Start over US (custo
SSH, Lace Sensor Gold / Gold Lace Sensor / DiMarzio ToneZone) and volumes lev (never much more than 3 / 4 in master even when not necessary). The amp sounds, I remain of the view above.

At high volumes (3 / 4 of the Masters), the bass is more muddy. It's probably the same design of the amp (combo 1x12 "open back). Too bad I did not hook up the possibility of a closed back cab with 2x12" or 4x12 ". .. should be a interresting

Recording output: standard output rcording without SETTING THE level, nor any simulator. So it is convenient to register without a microphone -> but impractical to an amp simulator (like iZotope Trash) in the ass if the track is unusable. It makes service, but not to play live on a sound system for example ... or he must love the sound nasal

Note, I invested in a custom flight for my little combo ador.
In the case of DMAG or transport, it is warm, and no risk of shocks on the amp. On an amp of this class (and this price) began be relevant.

- End edit 2005 01 04 -