Vox AC15CC1X
Vox AC15CC1X

AC15CC1X, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Custom Classic series.

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iggy25 02/26/2007

Vox AC15CC1X : iggy25's user review


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Class A all-tube amp with blue alnico Hp
Reverb: exceptional look and feel alone in the Stade de France
Tremolo: very nice, in a classic Vox, setting speed and depth
EQ: Bass and Tremble, no medium but the settings are always very sensitive and flatterers in the ear
Master volume and
footswtch provided for reverb and tremolo
Possibility to connect a speaker above
No effects loop as often a 15W but good considering the price we would have appreciated ....( I will note down just for that, we are in 2006 anyway)

Very simple and classic. Of course, but given enough opportunities on AC30CC we would have liked more.


No worries single particle and Effective
I did not put more than 10 minutes to find my sound at first use

Accuracy: I'm in an apartment without having to worry with its neighbors and the dynamics are there even at low volume. However, the more it grows and more enjoyable and provided he has the guy. As proof, now I'm home: one day I wanted to see what was in the belly I went to the cellar is buried in 3 / 4 and closed my double glazing throughout the house. Well the 30 watts are there!! How this is a 15watts??


The sound typical at Vox. Chinese manufacturing is well but the british. I will not venture to say if it's better or worse than the whole UK, I can not afford to compare.
The clean sound is round and bright C exchange their fender while remaining very clean.
The very bluesy crunch is amazing until you can hear on the Stones Brown Sugar by opening fire on the treble and rock a little heavier in the lower opening.
For the heavy metal past your way unless you paste the proper pedal but it's really good step in that direction that is designed amp.
I play it with a Telecaster U.S. American Series and Point rendering is great too strident as some amps can react with the mic lead and all the TV knobs fully clockwise (I love this setting;) )


A very good amp even though its lack of versatility is obvious. A buy to play blues-rock or heavy rock ..... that's all. But what's !!!!!
We would have liked some more bonus as its big brother the AC30. Too bad but hey you can not have it all.