Vox AC30CC1
Vox AC30CC1

AC30CC1, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Custom Classic series.

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Docteur Hertz 06/01/2007

Vox AC30CC1 : Docteur Hertz's user review


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I made the Pop (Beatles, Radiohead are my mentors)
You m'tonnes I made the right choice!


Simply: "EXCEPT"
This amp seems to me the first moments alive ds!
He lives in the sense that it does possde trs wide dynamic range giving the guitarist the power to get the crunch will under his fingers he rpond a Manir EXTRA! (As if he understood what vout want) I never felt that way.
I offer my Gretsch Electromatic bygsby with magic and a blast.

Ct POWER I prfre not even speak for fear of blowing your guts!
30 Watts under the capo, but what was sent!

The springs will delight rverbe + rtros of us and will trmolo frmire + a girl!

If you had a choice to make, it will be the one!
Disto prvoir for the purchase of a Exceeds the pedals for crunch, I personal satisfaction!
It makes me want to get a ticket for Abbey Road and I Bouquer EMI Studio 2 weeks ... when I won the lottery!