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tsygced 04/21/2014

Vox AC4TV : tsygced's user review

«  Great for low volume »

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4w lamp. Simple.
Zero effect, except natural saturation lamp qd you push the volume.
Product detail.


Minimal configuration.
One branch, three buttons: a switch for power, volume and tone.
The effect of the Tone button is almost imperceptible (with or without overdrive). And from the forums and other reviews, this is the characteristic of this amp: a button that serves no purpose. Too bad, it would have been a plus.
The sound is good right now, zero setting.


Fits very well.
Given the power should not expect a development of deep bass.
A low volume, power 4w, its clear critallin.
Then the more you shoot, the more overdrive appears, warm and very enjoyable to play. Very good sound.
Not possible to have clear sound through against pulling into the south of the volume.
Responds very well to dynamic microphones guitar and guitar volume. Good momentum.
The volume up, good saturation, focus eardrums anyway, then you wake up the neighborhood.
Perfect for playing at home at low volume, the sound niquel vox.
Takes any kind of pedal input, great.
The tone of the amp defaults well, shame about the Tone button used to anything.
Played with Squier Jazzmaster JMascis.
All sounds are good.


Great little extra amp to play with pleasure at home.
Pretty, light, great price, good sound.