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lyoko 04/22/2013

Vox AC4TV : lyoko's user review

«  The sound Vox »

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Controls: Tone, Gain, Volume (4W, 1W, W)
External speaker output 16-Ohm
Celestion 10 "
2 lamps 1 x 12AX7 (preamp) / 1 x EL84 (power)

It is a single-channel with gain rglage + volume and a 10-inch HP quality so not much wrong in this CATEGORY.


In fact the gain is called "volume" and volume "OP Level" but they work well conversely: for a clear gain in mini, 4W volume for a gain distortion at max volume 1 / 4W. .. the house, and yet it is limited, and frankly not advisable in the apartment. The very bottom, it is possible in a group we played the "kindly"
Everything is done ear: you choose your level of saturation between a clear crmeux (not clear) and a stamp well rpeux ZZ Top. In all cases the sound is immediately good.


East blues rock, it saturates very quickly, aussitt humbuckers with my lag roxanne (air norton / air zone). 1 / 4W sound is frankly s'claircit compress it and becomes the top 4W attention to the ears, has already sent a lot!
Point sonorits stiff, straight or modern here. Vintage veil covers the heat lamps that whirring sounds like a Harley: it is very very typ.
You play must live with it.


Play on any lamp is when even top, especially for the distortion. (I had a transistor H & K edition blue) But the house is something else, it sounds really good ( even very good) that 4 W. This sound has forcment enchant you one day, so many groups have played on VOX. But you do have one, it is not at all versatile (compared my H & K 25th anniv.) And did not aim too my pedal Boss OD-3: l I 'So have resold to play more varied.