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Vox AC4TV : Anonymous 's user review

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4 watt all-tube amp
Volume, tone and rotoswitch (??) For
From 4 to 1 or 1/4 watt
Output hp ext.
Beige, vintage look, it is mimi, have no place and easily transportable.
Made in china, but sturdy and beautifully finished.


So with so little impossible not to find his sound.
With 4 watts more can all turn back, this amp is 100% usable.
Good after 4 watts to avoid background 2am in the apartment, it stings a little ...


So how can I say this is a very typical amp but with a lot of versatility.
With clean settings om cr gets its very typical singing vox, crunch, c l. Very expressive and ideal pushing a well biting overdrive is obtained, it will not metal, but punk, hard rock, blues rock it farts.
Rendering is surprising given the size of the box and hp.


I have had this amp to its release, I have kept a few months before selling it reluctantly (my daughter was born + gear too), but I always said that I 'reprove one and I have to recover recently a ac4 cc1 blue thingy ...
Let's say for the price and the lack of content material is frankly very huge, however:
Totally unsuited to the metal
No effect (réverb..) No loop, a raw sound, dc plug and play so well and fair play is essential, otherwise really great.