Blackstar Amplification Series One 104EL34
Blackstar Amplification Series One 104EL34

Series One 104EL34, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Blackstar Amplification in the Series One series.

Splotch 03/02/2012

Blackstar Amplification Series One 104EL34 : Splotch's user review

«  It sounds top »

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Lamp 100W amp, 4 EL34, five 12AX7.

An input jack, effects loop post preamp with +4 dBu switch (level multi fx) -10 dBu (Level pedal).
Two speaker output impedance selector button with two outputs emulation speakers or XLR jack.

4 channels clean, crunch, OD1, OD2, noted in the presence of a super crunch switch on the crunch channel which boost the crunch channel.

This amp has a power reducer called DPR which reduces the power to 10W.

sold with the footswitch, MIDI-controllable input and owns thru. Also provided in the box the manual in French and speaker cable.


This is an amp all there is no more normal control hidden buttons are well anchored in the front.

The common channel equalization is not a very big problem but you will not have a clean sound to the fender with a crunch to marshall for sure.

Controls for each channel are independent gain and volume controls are the common three-band EQ and ISF. The master section includes master volume, presence and resonance knob and DPR.

MIDI integration is very simple, the manual is clear enough to change the channel reception and preset channels.

We may regret that the effects loop is not detachable and can be assigned to a channel.

Easy to adjust 4 channel offers a real variety of sound.


One of the series in backstar gives high gain in the sound but not that the clean channel is a real clean and crunch channel high gain not in its normal mode.
OD1 and 2 channels sound fairly close with a more pronounced compression of the two, the gains being totally independent it is simple enough to make a rhythm and a lead channel in the same tone.

The crunch channel has a switch super crunch, this one to boost the crunch sound a bit like a marshall JCM800, it is not clutched the footswitch and leads to a different set up the equalizer.

So I have the EL34 version that sounds more Marshallian and less metal than typed version 6L6, equalization is effective we can get clean enough or dug very medium but the sound is fairly neutral compared to a Fender.
The crunch is more like a marshall with or without the super crunch, the OD are also flexible enough you may well have dug to the sound of metal as the medium, although this is his égalsieur taf and the ISF can manage the overall sound mind.

DPR allows reduced power but it also allows for varying degrees of power tube saturation which affects the overall dynamics of sound. By turning this knob you get a little crunch more or less compressed.

Personally I would have liked to crunch channels rather than two OD because I would have found it more versatile but it is not necessarily the aim of this amp.

It was therefore a proper clean, a crunch or a big crunch very strong and his two saturax High Gain voicing the modern. I did not scratch with microphones designed for big sound but I am seriously considering buying one in to make something a little more graou.


I have 6 months from now, I have two other tube amp and already sold my first.

I love this amp with british said his character with a beautiful medium, one can tater pretty much the same style with the extreme though it is a priori less suited for the metal with her boyfriend of 6L6.

It's expensive, but still has beautiful asset, including the effects loop with switchable level (OD2 with the MXR Carbon Copy and off you go to choruser of death), 4 channel instead think which does not limit the style, controllable by MIDI.

I recommend the test of "Anderton's music" to give you an idea of ​​sound that can be drawn.