Bogner Shiva Head
Bogner Shiva Head
xxmartinxx 10/09/2011

Bogner Shiva Head : xxmartinxx's user review

« The best of the Bogner line »

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- Two footswitchable channels
- Boost (footswitchable)
- Reverb (optional)
- Bright switches on both channels
- Optional metal grill
- Two EL34's (also available with two 6L6's)


This is your standard two channel amp. It has a separate eq for the clean and the gain channels (although the clean channel has no mid knob). It has a global Master and Presence as well as a volume for the Boost. There is an option for Reverb as well. It also has bright switches on both channels. The amp is fairly easy to equalize. The channel switching is fast and accurate.


The clean channel on this amp is really fantastic. It sounds Fenderish while doing its own thing. The clean sound is thick and rich and will satisfy most people. The gain channel is similarly thick and rich sounding. Some people might find the amp a little too dark sounding, but with the bright switches, you can get it a bit more bright. The reverb (which is option) is also fairly nice sounding. You basically have two great sounding channels with zero sonic compromises.


I really feel this was Reinhold Bogner's finest moment. If it where three channels and 100 watts, I would be in even more enamored with this amp. The boost does a decent enough job at emulating a third channel but if this had an actually third channel, it would be the amp the Bogner Ecstasy wants to be but never can.

It is slightly odd to me that Bogner claims that this amp puts out 80 watts via two EL34's. That seems way high to me considering the average two EL34 amp is rated at 50 watts. I'm not sure where that comes from or what it's based on.

I prefer the EL34 version over the 6L6 version because it amp tends to be a bit on the dark side and benefits from the extra mid range that the EL34's offer. Either option is great, however, the 6L6's would probably be better for single coil players.

This is a fantastic amp and the best of the Bogner lineup. I would love to get my hands on the Anniversary edition of the amp to try that out, although I am slightly worried they tried to fix what wasn't broken.