Bogner Shiva Head
Bogner Shiva Head
SonicPulverizer 08/31/2012

Bogner Shiva Head : SonicPulverizer's user review

« Rock tones galore »

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The bogner Shiva is an 80 watt, el34 design. The shiva has many useful features. Tube buffered effects loop present. Foot switchable reverb and boost as well as master volume and presence controls. You also have the ability to adjust the reverb levels of each channel independently of one another. The gold piping and faceplate complement the aesthetics of the tolex and grill to imply an old school rock and roll vibe about the shiva, very fitting.


These amps can take a beating. Very rugged design quality. I enjoyed the foot switchable reverb and boost immensely in the live setting. Allows the Shiva to function as though it had a third channel. It is easy to dial in and covers plenty of sounds, though the Shiva excels at gainy tones.


Played with a Gibson Les Paul Custom. Mesa 4x12. Xotic EP booster.

Boost pedals work very well with the clean channel to get dark fluid leads. I found the onboard boost to be more than adequate for any genre of aggressive music. No outside pedals necessary. The onboard reverb lent itself well to adding a Hi Fi sheen over anytone I dialed in. The Shiva does the marshall sound very well but has it's own signature thing going on. The presence knob was very responsive and was useful in shaping the flavor of the gain. I enjoyed rolling the presence off mostly and making the Shiva darker and thicker sounding.


The Shiva is great value in the used market. I feel that overwhelming number of competitors makes little case for the list price of the shiva at $2499. With amps like the Mesa Boogie Royal Atlantic and Bogner's own Goldfinger 45 dominating at the vintage flavored rock game, it is hard to see a proper fit for the Shiva.