Bogner Shiva Head
Bogner Shiva Head
Berzin 12/01/2006

Bogner Shiva Head : Berzin's user review


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This amp is made in the United States by Bogner Amplification, a cre Socit by a German. It is available at the top, but in combo 1x12 (or 2x12 closed (open). Prampli reoit The 12AX7 six or seven if you take the reverb option. The power amplifier is team of two EL34 (as my copy) or 6L6. It dveloppe 80 watts (EL34) or 60 watts (6L6). The prampli has two channels each receiving a boost. reoit a clear channel r volume adjuster and a legalization two bands: bass and treble and a button to build frquences acute. The channel takes the same saturated Schma plus: a rglage mdiums of a gain and a SETTING THE SETTING THE volume for the boost (it is not adjustable on the clean channel). There is also a rglage Volume gnral and prsence. A switch controlling the start and stand-by and that's it for the front panel. At the rear there are two sockets for pdalier (only on versions with no reverb), an effects loop and return with two inputs (one for and one for pdalier effects in the form of pedals). The old Shiva had that between one and had to cobble together a cable with Resistors. daccder an entry to direct the power amp to plug a prampli. Only SETTING THE pr presence and master volume of Shiva are then active. Then there are two speaker outputs of a slecteur impdance (4, 8 or 16 ohms), the channel and slecteur SETTING THE level for the reverb, one per channel. The pdalier has two switches (channel and boost), plus possibly one that dclenche reverb. The head PSE approximately 20 kg and is very s well built. It exudes quality. Considering the price is a bit normal.


Its a pretty amp plug and play instead of his cousin lEcstasy. It sounds good right now regardless of any rglages but wonder when even a little time for any matriser. It is noted that potentiomtres pluttdroutante have a race. In addition, it is difficult to rgler reverb, since it is larrire. When the boost is engaged in the clean channel, lgalisation is down. That is why I regret not born quon SETTING THE volume boost for the clear. An example: you play with a lot daigus clear, you switch to boost the sound is a little harder. But if you play with a sound quite dark, the boost is really much stronger, which means that the correct volume gnral. Not always very practical.
The manual is simple, unfortunately in English only.


Is it useful to say that a ring? The sound is the highlight of this amp, even low volume (but it samliore climbing in the towers). It is not very dynamic compress possde trs pronounced, plutt own, with relatively little dharmoniques. The light is in the lignedun Fender Bassman Marshall JTM 45 or dun, parat it (I havent compartment. It is quite beautiful fawn. The crunch (gain does trs not far) is excellent. Crmeux, never aggressive, trs warm enough mdium, cest I prfre in this amp. Also, one of the major qualities Bogner's is its ability to be heard in groups. dharmoniques Having little and a lot of mdiums he bore smoothly and I think the quality cest dun hardware professional. Jai had too damplis who had superb sound alone, but that does not sentendaient with bass and drums.
The Shiva is probably the best amp Mon in the world to play classic rock (Led Zep, AC-DC, Cream, etc.). It saccommode trs many pedals diffrent quon may add thereto, which enables the user in many situations. I am the User with a Les Paul, a Start Plus, a Gretsch Elctromatic, etc.. It is with the LP quil works best rsultats I got.


I prfre, cest Obviously the sound. Compar my Koch, the light is close enough, though less and less compressed pais. However, in overdrive, the Bogner is softer, more crmeux. What japprcie, cest that whatever rglage, this amp is never excessive or aggressive: daigu never too, too low or gain, etc.. Before him, jai possd among other things, an AC30 six inputs, a JCM900, a Crate V15, a Fender modeling. Perhaps it can be dun regret labsence slecteur rduire for power, or an outing with accumulation of hp as the new Duende. But what makes the most default I think cest variboost function on the clean channel.