ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head
ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head

E325 Thunder 50 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from ENGL in the Thunder series.

elco7 12/07/2008

ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head : elco7's user review


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original lamps badged engl ECC83 and 5881
the connectors is Reglo, you can connect almost any speaker, the effects loop has a dry / wet.
v1 and v2 for channels, v3 is the effects loop, the v4 is the rectifier.
2 switches clean / crunch and crunch / lead
a gain, ega, 2 volumes a master
so it is fairly versatile
graduated to 12 it seems


The configuration is not simple because of the common gain crunch sounds / lead and EGA unique, it is practically provide crunch channel trimmings to go from clean to distortion just by the dynamics of the play.

Please allow up the volume loud enough saturated channels, and lower the master, the crunch / lead volume gain becomes clear channel, but why? why ... The latter will really scream too loud.

-The problem is that with a gain / ega common to crunch / lead, the difference is smaller when crunch / lead parts in a song, more bass and a bit more grain, I would say more breath, what a boost ...dropoff window
-and the problem of a gain that becomes a volume, is that we do not use the power tubes if we want to take advantage of the 3 channels ...

rare: one can play at low volume. Wink to amps that do not sound at 1 and screaming to 2 (mesa recto eg single).


I play with a strat mexico 60 ', a cabinet marshall 1960b 2.5mm2 and a big proco power +.
Sovtek 6L6 + wxt and mix engl ECC83 / 12AX7 EH.

the sound is already very good, the bass is firm, the mid knob is good, the sound is straight and firm but I find it a little side vox boosted a grain to the EL34. It will be at the limit of its cold for some but it is not, hence its versatility.

The amp enormously restores the attack (slamming it) and the dynamics of the strat. Each investment mediator and selector provided its sound palette. I think we can have a lot of sounds, and it is very modern.
The clean is not coincoin is a sound very musical.
The crunch channel 7-8 provided a clear up her colorful swift crunch without resistance (thanks to the low output alnico pickups.)
The lead channel has little interest for me, I've never used ...
I play with her sharp and aggressive. Low well placed not drool over the rest.
My controls are set for 3 years to gain 8 bass 7, 8 mid, treble 4, crunch Volume 6, 0 lead, master 3. Knowing that I can get the master to 6 and lower the preamp as I will not enter clean ( you understand that story or not?)


As I wanted a single channel amp, and I only use one sound suddenly, everything I just listed have any problem but if not let's be clear, this amp is a disaster versatility ...

I wanted a basic amp, single channel initially very dynamic and precise (VHT such issuance, H & K Puretone blah). I hesitated a lot between the medium vintage sounds and more modern sounds. ENGL is very rock n roll crunch on its channels. Compared to my game he knocked a lot of amps, both the sound corresponded me on.
The price is well positioned at the beginning of range I think, because it has a genuine identity that the new amps cheap lamps do everything.
A full English grain in a right as an American amp amp << >>. It is halfway between a lot of stuff: good mediums but also good bass discretion, grain and combined heat railway rails, colorful but not typed.

At this time, the mode returns to the boosted EL34 or kt66 include this sound in many manufacturers (mesa stilleto, VHT deliverance, marshall jvm ...)
This is not an amp that is 9 everywhere, but if you should no longer have reason to change (change the lamps). On the other hand, it's nice to hear something else from time to time.