ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head
ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head

E325 Thunder 50 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from ENGL in the Thunder series.

NicoMetal85 02/17/2012

ENGL E325 Thunder 50 Head : NicoMetal85's user review

«  Big sound! gain and clean beautiful! »

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3 channels: Clean, Crunch and Lead
Lamps amplifier: 1 x ECC83 and 2 â € <â € <x 5881
Preamplifier lamps: 3 x ECC83
3-band EQ
Gain control thomann
Switch Lead Gain
Loop of effect in series
Speakers output: 8 and 16 Ohm
Double pedal output
Dimensions: 522 x 238 x 250mm

power: 50 W lamp


Config 'super easy! I do not like the rack or interfaces too complicated! it sounds to live!
I did not have the manual since I bought it from Cygnus

We directly obtain a good sound! ENGL is a mixture between the coldness of a mesa (I also corrected a head) and the warmth of a Marshall but + own!


He agree to any type of music! with 3 independent caneaux
Clean it in a wonderful warmth and depth
In blues, it sounds live! to settle after you gain your sauce
Lead in focus .... bah! not need distortion pedal behind it! I play hard 80 'through the thrash, death metal and punk and it adapts to any situation! It's crunch, harmonics out alone, and there is nothing wrong ENGL ... power is quite sufficient.
The Fireball and Powerball are not the only series dedicated to winning! the screamer and the thunder take the upper hand for my friends and moin 1000 e head.


I use it for 6 months! it's been a while since I dreamed of having an ENGL! I tried and had toout! Now I cherish my ENGL, MESA my correct! ORANGE also ensures max but other brands I've finished with it! MARSHALL has good than the name! what need to have a marshall and add a distortion or an equa ass?? .... with the tryptic ENGL / ORANGE / MESA you are assured of a big sound and a true power announced!
W 50 is more than enough as a group! I also used my ENGL THUNDER during scratching for that I give on a 1x12 cabinet Orange PPC 112 and the vla great result even at low volume. (And the master volume is well balanced when the splay)
The report qualitée / price is unbeatable even nine! € 800 on Thomann but I think I got it on the right corner to 450! brief is given to the head of this caliber.
I do it again this choice croyer thousand times to me! true of his European light we can be proud!

nb: just a reproach, a single gain for three cranberry!