ENGL E642 Invader 100 Head
ENGL E642 Invader 100 Head

E642 Invader 100 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from ENGL in the Invader series.

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iamqman 08/18/2011

ENGL E642 Invader 100 Head : iamqman's user review

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ENGL invader 100 amp is a metal amp guitarist dream. It has four separate channels with its own separate EQ control box. It's powered by four EL34 power tubes which is a good mid range crunch. This guitar amp is very flexible and completely versatile and can get just about anytime and you can dream off. It can go from a crisp clean tone all the way up into a modern high gain new metal tone. Combine all of that with the ability to use and my MIDI gives this amplifier with a modern touch with a great versatility and feel.

• Channel 1: Silken Clean to Crispy Crunch

• Channel 2: Fat & Bulky Crunch to NU-Rock / Metal Rhythm / Lead

• Channel 3: Tight Warm Crunch to Classic Dynamic Rock / Metal

• Channel 4: Modern Crunch to Singing Harmonic Leads



Four Basic Channels with separate Gain and Volume knobs
Two Gain Variants for each channel
Four Voicing Sections - 3-band EQ for each channel
Bright sound-shaping Button for Channel 1 & 2
Two Effects Loops that are variable and switchable
A and B Master knobs are accessible via MIDI
MIDI Ins and Thru ports
128 MIDI Presets via 16 Channels
Three different remote interface ports
Programmable Noise Gate in Channel 2, 3, and 4


The tone of this guitar amp is very German sounding. It's hard to dial out the voicing of this amplifier to make it sound anything other than a metal amplifier. The voicing is a great voice if you're into that sort of thing but if you are more of a vintage player and I suggest other amps.

The clean is very good clean and is very sparkly. The first channel does a exceptional job and giving you a good smooth clean tone. The second channel can give you a good classic rock chick sound and even a new male lead time. The third channel can get a good one crunch sound as well as a good metal sound. Channel 4 is more towards the modern crunch by Sapphire focus midrange for leads and solo playing. Each channel does it really changing foisting too much or is it changes the focus of the frequencies more. See you would have higher midrange frequencies and Lola midrange frequencies on certain channels to get you the ability to get a lot more versatile rhythm and lead tones.


You can pick up these amplifiers new right at around $2900. It's a pretty expensive price for an amplifier but this for a professional guitarist. This is an amplifier for someone is just learning and just trying out the guitar for the first time. This is an amp or someone is down with a new balancing and death we knows exactly what you're looking for it sound features and quality. Is a very high quality amp and a little intimidating at first when you see all the control knobs and buttons on the front panel. I highly recommend this empty any modern metals player or someone is just likes a load of distortion.