ENGL E642 Invader 100 Head
ENGL E642 Invader 100 Head

E642 Invader 100 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from ENGL in the Invader series.

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Bloodysatch 05/31/2012

ENGL E642 Invader 100 Head : Bloodysatch's user review

«  Big sound and versatility! »

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The head configuration is very simple, no need to search for hours and not really need the manual and yet this is my first all-tube amp head, suddenly the manual I was not used much but I I found quite simple even if it is in English.

In sound, with this head, we easily get a good sound regardless of channel, the fact that each channel has its gain, volume, middle, trebble and bass helps a lot.
On top of that the Master A and B, High-Gain, the bright and the noise gate are "options" are very significant and the great interest of the head that is at once versatile and it is very convenient to use all the possibilities if you have a pedal twelve o'clock


This amp head to be completely my style of music!
For the metal, the Invader excels without a grain too extreme metal as is the case for the ENGL Powerball for example.
With 4 channels you can get a large range of sound, channel 2 (crunch) can afford to rock, blues and even hard-rock and heavy depending on the amount of gain or hi-gain mode is switched .
Channel 3 on the other hand can go from heavy metal to more extreme styles, channel 4 serves primarily for lead, unlikely that you use it in rhythm and I use it personally only solo .
Channel 1 is when to him a clean channel that can tend towards rock and blues, pushing the gain.

I played on the head with an ESP Horizon III and an Ibanez RG1527Z, I find that this head is coupled very well with my ESP Horizon III, versatile guitar amp head with versatile (although more metal oriented).

What I love about this amp head is channel 3, for the rhythm channel is nickel is in all respects! I also love the clean channel on which I get very good clear sound, I could not imagine an amp sounds without clear quality.
Then of course I love greatly to channel 4 or lead channel which I think he would miss a little reverb but hey it does not exist on this head, you'd better have a small multi-purpose and more ;)
Finally I also like Channel 2 (crunch), though I use it a lot less than others.


It's been a little over two months that I use and satisfaction is always there! The waiting feels just a little G MAJOR 2 in the effects loop so that the pleasure is total.
I have not really tried other models before the Invader 100, I just tested a year before an ENGL Powerball II that I loved but found too typed metal.
Having always loved the grain ENGL, I could not not take a head ENGL Invader and the choice of naturally imposed itself!

What I love about this head, is above all its versatility and the fact that it is controllable via midi, I also find this very nice head, sober and class at a time. What I like least? Well maybe there is no reverb on it, otherwise I see not.

For the price / quality ratio I do not know, I know heads at similar options are cheaper but can not compare I can not say.
What I know is that the quality is there, it's normal when German ^ ^.

It is clear that for now, I would redo this choice without hesitation!