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nico-de-gap 08/12/2013

Fryette Amplification Sig:X : nico-de-gap's user review

«  Pure beef and lasts »

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all-tube amp 100w, see features on the net!
no effect but it does not lack (for me anyway).
3 channels: clean, rhythm, lead, one for clean, one for crunch (but I use for big greasy saturated the Gojira), and a surgical channel whose accuracy is foolproof!


Each channel has its own EQ: treble middle bass (nothing special)
Easily get a good sound with this amp, and we realize that tampering with the settings you can have a good sound and that we can not do without those moments when one hour is going to make his adjustment to THE finally get her, in fact, it seems that this amp has the ability to do better every time!
A small point in more depth the knob that adjusts the intensity of palm-muting, this croumphh croumphh that will rock your whole body;, and then it's still well thought out!


I play everything and also amp so everything is fine (of Clapton Gojira, not even changing the channel with the small switch more / less).
The sound is not fat and drooling a mesa in the U.S. but rather a mixture of German and American, hyper accurate but at the same time with a character, a sound of its own but we looks like!
I use a Les Paul with Burstbuckers 2 and 3 and the bridge pickup combined with the rhythm channel, foot, a big full but not too low and bouncing .. I also play with a ltd mh-1000 EMG81 or adjustments more delicate por arrive to get a sound not too impersonal ...


I month, and I had time to test a lot of possibilities, including many hairy music and ca sends the block, attention, I hope that there is no crack in your walls, otherwise the house may collapse ...
This is the first time I had an amp that this specific and personal sound, unlike engl will be limited to sanitize its sound, the VHT will build character, while not falling into the U.S. slobbery distortion. .
This head can play everything from blues, rockabilly, rock n roll, metal ...
His weak point, clear sound that is very nice but very cold and crystalline.