Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 36 Head
Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 36 Head

TubeMeister 36 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Hughes & Kettner in the TubeMeister series.

marcan71 06/01/2014

Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 36 Head : marcan71's user review

«  Sound and convenience »

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Tube amp, 3 channels of 0-36 watts, 1 eq bass / mid / treble for clear channel, 1 eq bass / mid / treble common to the crunch and lead channels. 1 win and 1 master channel
1 correct digital reverb to the rear, An FX loop, DI output (red box with simulation HP), a power attenuator allows selection between 0 - 01/05/18 or 36 watts)
Noon. A comprehensive master would have been welcome.
Another significant point very compact and lightweight transportable
Finally the self bias H & K system that monitors the correct polarization lamps


Disappointment, I thought we could save the south through its presets: that's true but it only saves Reverb On / Off, Effects On / off loop, power level (0-1-5-18-36 ) and channel: the problem is that we do and neither stores nor EQ ESPECIALLY gain and master channel!
Suddenly the MIDI pedalboard has little interest.


That said, this is a great amp, very convenient to play at all levels through the power attenuator. The clean sound is very clear, transparent, the crunch channel is very very good (in two seconds with a Telecaster was the sound of Keith Richards), The lead channel is perhaps the worst of the three: it scales well gain , but the sound is a bit messy and a bit passe partout (far mesa boogie on this channel). Personally I use it mostly clear and crunch, and after owning a Laney VC30, a peavey Classic blues a great field marshall tube and HIWATT head, it is much better than them in the definition, accurate, transparent sound with a beautiful grain on the crunch channel. I use it with a 1X12 cabinet house, mounted vintage 30 then Celestion G12H30 of: the G12H30 was a warm and deep sound: ideal if you play classic rock, funk, hard rock (I well said hard rock, not metal).
I repeat group with a drummer who hits too hard: I put 5 watts, with the master bottom: its much warmer than 36 watts master 2 (yes heat lamps is like that it is obtained)
DI side, the red box is a Personal Reference but in test sound and recording, it has the same shortcomings of all other DI with or without HP simulation: it's dry and unpleasant in the upper medium): none such as a good mic for transplanting ...


As mentioned above much more convenient and versatile than city-amps above. I hesitated with the Laney IRT studio head: at her there's no picture (the laney will be better for the metal)
An expensive new, but it's worth it (as it were) hair, the only negative is too partial integration of the south.