Marshall DSL100
Marshall DSL100

DSL100, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM2000 DSL series.

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Mick90 04/02/2004

Marshall DSL100 : Mick90's user review


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100 W lamps, all head, four 12AX7 (ECC83) and 4 (EL34), two channels possdant plus a boost switch, which allows for the channel 1 (named "classic") sounds clean and crunch, and channel 2 (named "Ultra"), of which a high gain distortion.

The head is against team with only one qualisation 3 bands for both channels.

Otherwise, the classic in Marshall, a rverbe (adjustable per channel), and switch "Deep" (which boosts the bass) and "Tone Shift", which clear up the sound, to make it crystalline.


This head is very simple to use.
HP is plugged correctly (impdance 4, 8 or 16 Ohms), the guitar and you can then start.
The handling of all is very simple. It RULES gain and volume on each channel DSIR, the qualisation (some might find too bad there have only qualisation ...), and LET'S ROCK!
Both channels are switched at the foot of course, and the rverbe with the supplied footswitch.

However, the damage boost Submitted on each channel is not switchable by footswitch, such as it is impossible to pass a clean crunch a lightweight (both on channel1) ...
For this, there are the TSL!


By starting on channel 1, the clean sounds are good for the trs tonnament Marshall. trs crystalline sound, even with a certain amount of gain (my guitar is also in the EMG team ... it's mean!). This gives all of the same crunch as a lightweight Exceeds 3 / 4 of the knob.
Pressing the small switch "boost" from the channel, and we pass the "big" crunch. L also, the sounds are excellent, and turning the gain, one passes easily from bluesy sound a saturation type AC / DC. Trs Rock N Roll!

We then go to in the second channel. In this channel, we go on a dj High gain distortion. The again, it trs Rock N Roll, and there are sounds of the era Marshallian trs of JCM800. Something to take to Slash! For cons, the qualisation on this channel is not effective ... trs damage.
Pressing the switch "boost", it adds a small amount of gain that will not bring me anything ... shame, because this channel does not play with the big sounds of Neo metal (such as Mesa Rectifier or Peavey Triple X), trs fashion today (Nu metalheads, go your way!)

Cot dynamic is excellent! The amp really Ragit all the nuances of the game gives mdiator! harmonics come out with an ease dconcertante. Cot attack, there again, it is straightforward (there is no impression of choking on the strings as STL ...)


I possder before this head another head TSL60. I m'tais jur yet never to play on a Marshall, but when I try this head, I cracked!

A dynamic die for, this Ragit really touch your strings.

Against damage that this does not head in the course of other amp "High gain" style of Mesa Recto or Peavey Triplpe X because it does not play with the big riffs well fashion this time ... For this, we must invest in a good pedals to qualisation INSRE in the effects loop, see a good multi purpose.

The trs good when Mrs. Marshall!