Marshall DSL50
Marshall DSL50

DSL50, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM2000 DSL series.

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MGR/goz sus 04/08/2002

Marshall DSL50 : MGR/goz sus's user review

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i went to the shop looked around and bought it. i got it in russles music shop in cork in ireland. i paid £1300 irish pounds for the head and cab.i got it because my other amp packed in.

the tone out of the cab on the clean channel is exceptional. when they say it's clean it really is clean, no fuzz all guitar tone. the power of the stack comes from 4 60 watt celestions if my memory serves me right, there is a choice of speakers but i can't recall them. i liked the reverb on the head itself to the clean channel is quality, it is very rich and deep, but the sound doesnt get lost in it when you turn it up

to be honest i hate the dirty and distorted channels (built in gain lead sound into distorted), they are weak and transparent, and to me a pure waste of time, if i could get a head with just the clean channel i would buy it rather than the whole head. i don't like that all the channels are set under one EQ this is crap, if you like a crisp clean guitar in the clean channel and a heavy EQ'ed sound in the distortion get an external pedal (i have the GT3). i thought i would be getting a distotion with the same charachteristics of slash's sound but i did'nt

the haed is well set. the valves appear to be spring loaded so as not to take all the shock in transit, it is extremely heavy and i advise the hiring of a roadie to lug it around from gig to gig. the cab is just speakers set in what appears to be chip board and is on casters so is easily moveable. the pair are coated in that famous marshall tar that is on every amp they release

if you are looking for am amp that will make you're guitar squeaky clean on clean this is the one for you, if you are like me and like the big motherfuckin metallica distortion dont buy this for the distortion. personally i use the amp for 2 things 1) to get a perfect signal in and out by it beeing the real one(all valve)
2)for sound projection and overall power.
in my opinion this is the motherfucker if you can get a peadl with good distortion i use the boss gt3. it may be a mesa boogie but it is close

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