Mesa Boogie Mark III Head
Mesa Boogie Mark III Head

Mark III Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Mark III series.

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Christophe Chalancon 12/18/2009

Mesa Boogie Mark III Head : Christophe Chalancon's user review


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100 watt all-tube preamp

2 EL34 tubes mesa boogie
2 lamps 6L6 mesa boogie
5 lamps of 12 AX7 prémpli (ECC 83) mesa boogie

3 channels: clear, crunch, overdrive
Reverb and Presence + bass, mid, treble
8-band equalizer

2 footswitch for channel, 1 for reverb and equalizer
Line out with adjustable output
Effect send / out


Then there is Mesa!

Gas plant to be resolved, not the least of 0.5 on a knob and you can enter into a new sound.
Was no manual but there is one available for download in PDF on the site of Mesa.


In Mesa we can have it all.
From light jazz, round, full of warm bass, stuffed with the crystalline medium, a fantastic crunch as long as you're equipped with good microphones, a powerful overdrive ON ranging from Santana to the big trash! We must refine the settings, adjust and readjust but when it was THE sound is good.

Played on my G & L, I get a great versatility with his paddle to beautiful jazzy curves round of crunch reagent rack.
On my Sheraton, we must manage the volume knob because I'm getting feedback (great incidentally) very quickly with the same settings.

I "dope" the satus sometimes with my RP7 lamp (changed Mesa for once) but because the grain of the floor lamps to 5, rarely need!

Nothing to say, the concern being how to find its settings.


2 months and I'm mad! Small size (a flight with head of a 20 kg + HP 10 '4 / 5 kg) Easy to carry, with incredible power (5 I recoil drummer and his drums at the back of the room <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" /> )) Is a superb companion scene.

The price is relatively high (€ 2000 accounts at least) but hey, we're in the top of the range and quality comes at a price!

If I change, I switch to IV but I still have to spend beautiful moments with him.

A good investment for a beautiful object.