Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier Twenty Five Head
Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier Twenty Five Head

Mini Rectifier Twenty Five Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Mini Rectifier series.

SlapKid 08/22/2014

Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier Twenty Five Head : SlapKid's user review

«  Product splendid and surprising »

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Mine is red with LEDs in to the atmosphere, it throws! No switch to bypass the loop at the back.
So tiny, full of tubes inside, and all essential settings are there.
Two channels with full eq, plus a switch mode and power per channel. No reverb, why must take the much more expensive (that already!) Rectoverb ...
Serial Loop working fine with my VD400 bebert, I do not need more.
25w and they are there, it is a class a / b and thus rectifying diode.
HP: 8 ohm output and output 4 ohms. This is smart because it can safely pull over on a tube amp, but never less on pain of burn the thing.
Clearly, we can plug in a box 16 ohms on the 8 ohm output of the amp without any risk.
(My vox AC15 is stupid because it only accepts minimum 8 ohms, well it suddenly chome not bad).
In short it is a faultless for the mini, especially as empty no hum or nothing can spoil the picture.
10 therefore, minus 3 for the consequent price ...


Besides the absolutely illegible markings buttons is super simple to use, while audibly is no exaggeration either. The switch provided does not produce noise bizzarres when changing channel, ok then.
The modes are clean or crunch on channel top, and vintage / modern on the bottom one.
Switchable powers do not allow you to play in an apartment, they serve rather to put the power tubes knees, what bluesmen appreciate.


I have not bought this amp to sound stereotypical big bad wolf, but bearing in mind that Bernard Allison uses a grinding for ages so with good reason.

The clean sound is very good, a good balance between precision / intelligibility and heat / respondent. He agrees very well both overdrives I proposed to him so far (vintage overdrive and green harley bebert OD400), which makes me my simple and effective 3canaux.
In crunch mode and without touching the eq is formidable and clean, it is very thin and easy to modulate. For more mushy it's easy, switch to 10w and push the master, basic.
The sound in modern saturax position is very dominant, we instantly know who you are dealing! It's more alive than the bulk of the series, and midrange pass better too, thank you the EL84. That said I prefer the vintage fashion.
For vintage mesa means pre-2000 I guess, nothing to do with ledzep and co, and that's good.
This mode is very versatile and offers a progressive gain, and behaves like the clean channel in the proposed equilibrium. It's very effective remaining natural.
As I was not too saturated rule I can add overdrive for more mid / sustain solo.


I'm about a month, two box 112 placed pseudostéréo and me in the middle, it's very fun to play.
Tested on a 212 Openback alnico is less advantageous, for against a randall 412 (hp jaguar) adchire total remaining pretty, no problem with a drummer that's strong enough. Now for the pissed two guitars and bass saturated craziest drummer I'm not sure, I'll update as soon as my guinea pigs have tested the beast ...
So much for now, the motivation of this purchase was the compactness and versatility and absolute choice for boxes. I was tired of tandem amp clean-pedals saturax, not that it did not work but rather that loses too saturax through a clear channel is less direct in fact true.
I am very happy with my purchase, I do not touch anything unless it works because it sounds good as is. I just hope to get lucky reliability issue with my 2 subway fire blues of the mark (but they were 1994-5, much water has flowed under the bridge since then).
In fact for the price it goes again, an F ... mexico costing too much and is really the superdaube compared (and in absolute terms, there was no idea of ​​building too bad).
Note 8, but only because of the price next 2 bugera I've had (333-1990) that sounded good by listening 3-4x less ... Times are tough and the dosh is scarce.