Orange TH30 Head
Orange TH30 Head

TH30 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the TH series.

Michael_jaune 12/29/2013

Orange TH30 Head : Michael_jaune's user review

«  plug 'n play that sounds! »

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Head delivered to choice 30, 15 or 7.5 watts for s' adapt to all situations. For settings, c is could not be more simple: two channels, one clean and one dirty. To clean the three knobs: volume, bass and treble. And the dirty, three knobs also: shape, gain and volume.

The amp has no effects or reverb c is sound crude declffrage. There also has to not switch over to it to buy more. Always annoying, I think.


The settings are extremely simple and a manual would serve nothing. You turn the knobs and it sounds live. Guitarists wanting a truly accurate equalization will be disappointed but the amp is not made for that. And even if it has only one setting on the dirty, the panel between the 0 (and his very British Open) and max (and compressed sound very hollow medium metal) of Boiton Shape and reserve monstrous gain the yield still versatile.


I play this amp with a fender pawnshop 72 and EC50 ltd. And both say that c is the day and night. D its a very cool and perfect for flat metal with ltd, b have much warmer and round sound with the fender. The guitar amp great respect branch even with the gain at max. on the other hand it is clear on the amp is oriented rock, hard, blues, metal. Ca ca crunch quickly and sends severely when slap a big deal.

the proposed 30watts are becoming extremely powerful because it allows me to rehearse with a drummer really strong typing a meter from me.


I used the last 9months and c is a choice I would do eyes closed. Robust and well finished, the amp sounds better than a lot of other head sweats I've tried.