Orange TH30 Head
Orange TH30 Head

TH30 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the TH series.

tarz200tdi 02/11/2014

Orange TH30 Head : tarz200tdi's user review

« Excellent plug n play amp that combines true grit and true versatility »

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Everything has already been said
a good place for both real channels, effects loop, but also the available powers (7.5, 15 or 30W) and the change of grains (and thus the potential it generates): The 15W obtained from 4-2 EL84 powered does not sound like the 15W obtained by dividing by two powerful but feeding 4 loupiottes power.
One point less for the perfect but stupidly optional footswitch
Clarification: I am original lamps not looked at what it was probably nitpicking but felt no need to change until now.


His guitar is put in, it sounds!
However, the dirty is easier to understand immediately that clean: with Gain, Volume and shape adjustment playing on the mids was immediately full of sounds under your fingers without tweak. On the clean (a real Clean!), The interaction between bass and treble is a little thinner to understand, and will depend quite terribly your guitar ...
For the rest, in use in the apartment 7.5W all volumes 0.5/10, but for the power reserve, it is not the ideal use ... in fact the power section needs to be a minimum loaded ...
In the other direction, 30W are big watts, so no problem: for example, repeated on a fairly fatty register, drummer, bassist and another guitarist, I'm between 2 and 2.5 / 10 the volume of dirty, and 1.5 on the clean.
Small defect more annoying than really penalizing: a rather marked difference in volume between the two channels. A control knob equivalent volume on both channels, the Fart clean sheets when dirty is "normal" ... Think about it if like me your sounds clear, crunch and distortion are those of the amp.


I walk in registers ranging from bluesy to metal guts hairy ...
Two shovels: a (good) Gibby faded SG 490 but with original covers (large positive impact on its incidentally) Schecter Blackjack ATX C1 and with active seymour patators but not that
a baffle: orange ppc 112 Celestion V30 Original
First observation: the amp is very respectful of the guitar that motorized. it is even possible to rediscover his guitars so it highlights the personality of each.
The clean is very good first: it is a real clean that you can push hard enough before it distorde (in 30w, and the Schecter falling by 10% micro volumes). The grain is English of course, but it is a harsh sound less dry than a Marshall ... Subject to grind both EQ knob accurately and taking the time to see their interactions, you can go from something quite nice jazzy ultra slamming thing ... I insist on both EQ knobs firstly because I never got something clean with extreme settings (I'm between 4 and 6/10 on both parameters), and secondly depending on the guitar setting is not the same (on the schecter it quickly becomes so dark bass grow quickly pass 5/10 on the gibby is a bit the reverse).
The dirty is more than good, it's a treat: with a personality very "orange", it will easily sound bluesy English dug up metal hairy with equal success. Headroom makes it all absolutely still remaining musical. it is (but it's a story of a critical taste), I got used depending on the desired register stroll the shape of 3/10 (blues, rock to slash etc) and 7 / 10 (heavy to metallica, through all sounds saturated rock and independent). I never go below 3/10 because it gets pretty dull, as I do not frequent the range from 7 to 9.5 which removes more than it brings into the mix. on the other hand to 10 of Rammstein or fear Factory is not bad!
Accuracy: the beast is completely pedal friendly (in my case in front RMC wah and chorus / flanger + analog delay in the loop).
Accuracy 2: a precaution I put the preamp section in the loop of a clamp noise, but it should be noted that this head is silent! leave it with pleasure feedback service game, but no buzz, hum, or other, despite levels therefore gain. Appreciated! I am using more than the noise clamp to calm the ardor of the SG.
Precision 3: I have long considered switching to a 2x12 cabinet (Orange PPC, NOS ...) but the ppc 112 jostled by the TH30 has largely forget about me!
Accuracy 4 with a Pod HD (or any other simultruc) in the effects loop to bypass the preamp, and the condition that the POD HD is properly used, it also works with the fire of God!


Used in repeated weekly for 3 months, I am absolutely delighted.
I have long questioned between several models (orange dark terror or OR15 or jim root, DV Mark Little 40 etc) and I am very happy with my choice despite Chinese manufacturing, I have a much closer grain Thunderverb big brother that low-end orange sounding suddenly advantage as amplified preamp as well as real amps chunky.
The key now will be in the long term ... if it takes a long time, I have found "my" amp.