Orange TH30 Head
Orange TH30 Head

TH30 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the TH series.

shaps 11/23/2014

Orange TH30 Head : shaps's user review

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I could optimize this amp by using a EHXAY7 in clean, the rest will be JJ tesla, demonic power is a 2x12 Celestion g12 heritage, using a NOVA SYSTEM in excellent effects loop. I do not use equalizer, while at midday the sound is. The variable power can play his studio to the average concert halls, without worry.


simple configuration for lazy like me, this Orange eat all the pedals without problem, as long as you place them. It also respect the sound of the guitar.


The clear, which is the recipe (ax7ay7 in clean and split the gibson LP), to its monstrous distortion very easy to get, I walk all the records of old school rock. I love U2 play well also with delays, rev etc that standarts ZZ TOP. Contrary to some opinion, the TH30 is very versatile, especially associated with a good pair of Celestion greenback. The sound is more modern with V30 I liked least.


After years of VOX AC30, this transition ORANGE for 2 years, it turns very robust since used daily or ERfKE 40 concerts, just a change of control without bias .Of lamps more versatile than AC30, and cheaper, I do it again this choice because he never betrayed situation.