Orange TH30 Head
Orange TH30 Head

TH30 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the TH series.

Juanig 11/05/2011

Orange TH30 Head : Juanig's user review

«  A good amp but you must know how to use »

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This is a 30W tube amp. Made in China, that is assembled in China, other Orange amps are assembled in UK even if the components are made in China as well. The difference is in the price but I do not think the quality is lower. Otherwise, see below ...


The configuration is simple but the use is not so simple. Immediately after purchase I was a little disappointed. I can not find the sound I wanted above all in the dirty channel. Now I find it really good. First point, the Clean Channel has much more volume than the Dirty Channel. To give you an idea, while on 30W, is the clean and dirty 8PM to 10PM and they have the same output level. In the clean channel treble and bass interact, meaning that if you do not mount the bass you have a little too medium. I use both at 3PM and it gives a very nice, the bass boost emphasizes treble. You will see. Dirty side, it is just designed to make the metal, the gain is really too much. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to sound more rock, less overwhelmed. After a while I found it, why two tips: first, the sound changes a lot according to Watts and it puts the number of lamps. If you put two lights the sound is rather flat, in my opinion. For a sound rock (Hendrix style, for example) it is necessary to the 4 lamps, the output in full and wait at least 15 minutes that the lights are hot. I use the gain between 9PM and 10PM to 10PM and Volume. Here I think with the shape at 10PM you find a sound very nice, typical Orange.


It's like having two amps. The clean side is almost the Fender, not bad at all and highly crystalline. They say you can have the natural saturation by mounting the volume but I have not tried it because I might get fired from the apartment :-). It's very powerful. Then the dirty side, taking into account the recommendations for use, is very good too. You can have a rock sound (style Arctic Monkeys) and super saturated to some noise or hardcore. Before I used the loop effect to put an EQ and I sound very good too but it's just that it puts a lot of noise (I have a EHX Tube EQ is already very noisy) if you can find the sound with the controls of the amp is better. In any case the loop is great to put the reverb and delay, it works very well. Besides, I know that the amp comes with enough crappy Chinese lamps. I have not changed yet, I found one with good sound but I think putting new lamps that would be even better.


I use it for over a year. I was a little disappointed at first, but over time I learned to use it and I find it a very good amp. Very sensitive to the game, the dirty side changes everything if you play near the bridge or if you do it near the neck. It has a very pronounced in the midrange that gives a lot of definition. It's caracter. The value for money is very good, considering that, well done, is a professional amp.