Peavey 5150 Head
Peavey 5150 Head

5150 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the 5150 series.

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lagrelle 06/08/2004

Peavey 5150 Head : lagrelle's user review


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All Tube amp head (and 5x12AX7 4x6L6), 3 channels (rhythm, crunch and Disto) with equalization common gain for each channel, SETTING THE prsence rsonnance and (low) on the Poweramp, effects loop, with outputs diffrent impdances;
We have a minimum of rglages, but is more than enough for an amp that is meant to direct and unadorned.
Note the two between high and low.


Super simple to use, choose the channel, the gain goes up, adjusts the legalization, and roll my chicken


As said many times, this amp is not for play in clean, clear, moreover, the call is "rhythm" and not "clean," he says it all. However're clean sounds are acceptable, even if relatively round and fat.
Ct disto all is well: APRS on JCM900 and have jou in RPET Ashdown was the 5150, thank you for the studio, no need to bring the metal zone and have his rotten!
Saturated sound really hard, the legalization is effective, even if I do not really touch the presence and resonance. Frankly metallica, pantera and sepultura, all happening is prcis net, while still warm and round. It was a hard but its trs what to roundness.
Attention trs important point !!!!!!!! 120-watt lamp is standard, and o my point, push the head to sound. A low volume, sounds a transistor, in short everything pourrave. However when the volume goes up from 3, the receiver is rveille at once and you take on the chin. But 3 is the volume at which I play rpt, in other words, it is absurd to have an amp like the house, sound bad, unless you live in the open field and can mount the volume.


Goodies: a distortion of hell, a great simplicity of use, a standard power
Cons: A clean way, non-programmable amplifier, its not that great down the volume.

But for thrasheux c'es tun super amp, especially considering the price, much more affordable than mesa boogie (found under 1000 new on the German sites). To test urgently so for mtalleux, but certainly not low volume ... and so what if the neighbors or vendors shout!