Peavey 5150 Head
Peavey 5150 Head

5150 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the 5150 series.

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blacksunrise 09/19/2002

Peavey 5150 Head : blacksunrise's user review


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Amps lamps (May 12 AX7 pramp / 4 L6GC power) with an output of 120 watts RMS
High and low gain inputs, two switchable preamp channels, Rhythm channel: pre & post gain, bright & crunch switches, Lead channel: pre & post gain, 3-band EQ, and presence of CONTRL and resonance, switchable post EQ effects loop, preamp output
Footswitch included.


Trs easy to use, we first choose between the low or high (for potatoes), then choose the rhythm channel (its "clear") or lead (saturated). Then we can dose saturation will and qualizer sauce.

The sound is connected and one can Mtal s'tonner Van Halen conut that this product has such a dose level of saturation. What is is the imprssionant EHJV dveloppe that this head: the knob volume is up 10 in my room, the walls tremble when 1, RPET Level 2 is more than enough and it's the same concert. For my part I mount up to a maximum of 4, I deprecated, it quickly becomes deaf! It is a formidable war machine and it seems that the higher the level, the stronger the sound is good!
The manual is basic and simple trs.


Reserved to mtal, this amp has all the same a big point failble: channel in rhythm, sound n'xiste not really clear (rpar thing about the version 2). Lovers nomtal or death-is mtal rgaleront and the guitar "hroes" who practice the solos or the steve will Satriani (he also sometimes used ).
The sound is rich trs, granular and hope you feel the heat lamps. To advise all those who love distos type "american stack."

The grain of 5150 may Dranger specially as it may please. Feedback is the number in case of high saturation and it is advisable to use a noise gate for rduire a max. (For those well Adrangi sr).

The CONTRL of prsence (Aiges) and rsonance (bass) are a good trs complment qualization compartment (low, med, high) that is not dynamic enough I got. Prsence the sound will make you shine, as it will give the rsonance of sub-bass that gives you a feeling of Superior!


I use the 5150 since 1998 with one body but not the brand peavey (deprecated).
What I like is that you can plug a guitar directly into the amp and have a sound of thunder without saturated amounts of connections and effects.
I use all of the same one qualizer numrique to refine my sound and control the feedback. MODEL Before this, I used a peavey 160 watt transistor, no comparison is possible, the sound of transistors is just dirty and without heat.
I pay 6200 francs to the head era. I think the ratio quality / price is right and now with the new heads of Msa boogie correct, the two brands can not concurencer on the price (about a head msa rating 20 000 francs).
I exprience with the remake that choice, although I prfere msa boogie sound, but for 6200 francs, the quality is of the same date. Last highlight: the sleek design and futuristic 5150's design, which bury too vintage Marshall.