Peavey 6534+ Head
Peavey 6534+ Head

6534+ Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the 6505 series.

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King Loudness 10/31/2011

Peavey 6534+ Head : King Loudness's user review

« Different voice to the 6505 Plus »

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The Peavey 6534 Plus is a 120 watt all tube head that is based on the classic high gain fury if the original 5150/6505 line but with a change in design that allows for EL34 power tubes. Typically known for their bright and sizzling high gain sounds, the EL34s may have at first seemed an odd choice for such a crunchy and low end based amp, but it offers a unique take on the classic 6505 tone that is so revered around the world. Otherwise it features the same specs as a standard 6505 Plus, with two channels, separate EQ, master presence and resonance controls and an effects loop as well.


Getting a good tone out of this amp is pretty simple. Peavey amps historically are quite intuitive and sound great at just about any setting. It is obviously optimized for certain heavier sounds, but the controls are responsive and don't really offer any "bad" tones within. Obviously the EL34s change up the tonestack a bit but the tones are still great and very easy to dial in. I find that the EL34 version has a bit more of a classic vibe to it but it still has the killer saturation from the 6L6 versions.


This amp sounds optimal with more modern guitars to my ears, because the higher output pickups can get more saturation and tightness for rock and metal tones. The rhythm tones are very defined and clear and have that classic EL34 based sizzle which suits the design of this amp well. I find it to be a liitle bit less full sounding than the regular model but there is a bit more dynamics and compression available overall. The lead channel is great for modern sounding tones that excel especially as the amp is turned up. These are loud amps so be prepared for a serious sonic assault if you want to crank it up.


All in all I think the Peavey 6534 Plus is a great amp for anyone looking for a different sounding take on the classic Peavey high gain tone. It is built very well and still retains the spark that makes the original so awesome. It is reasonably priced and the value for money is great on these US made Peaveys. They are fairly loud amps so I wouldn't say it's the best rig to look at if you're a bedroom warrior, but for the modern rock player who wants a different sort of high gain tone, the 6534 Plus is very much worth a look!